Book review: It’s ok to cry by Molly Potter and illustrated by Sarah Jennings.

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It’s Ok To Cry is a fantastic book that I recommend all libraries to have. Written by Molly Potter, illustrated by Sarah Jennings and published by Featherstone this is a book that has been created sensitively and always with its young readers in mind.

It’s ok to cry book review on

Having had two girls I sometimes get asked if I notice anything different about now being a mummy to a baby boy. Baby is still super ickle so not really but it does get me thinking about a great many things including the topic of emotions.
“Big boys don’t cry.” “Stop being a girl,” “Why are you crying? You’re not a baby.” From a young age we know that many boys see discussing their emotions as a weakness so what can we do?
It’s ok to cry book review on

Conversations and genuine modelling of expressing how we feel need to be observed at home and at school and books can support this greatly.

It’s ok to cry book review on

It’s Ok To Cry begins with what I’ve been talking about, exploring the negative messages that some boys pick up in regards to sharing their emotions. However, it goes on to explore various feeling in depth and introduces readers to the correct vocabulary so that they too can express how they feel articulately.

It’s ok to cry book review on

The book is an informative read and definitely one to explore in more then one sitting. It would also be interesting to use this book when discussing an emotion shared in a fictional story or from a programme.

In addition to all that information shared there is also a note for parents and carers. (It says notes but actually it’s four pages of lots of great informations and advice).

The illustrations throughout represent children and adults from different ethnicities and are expressive and engaging. The book would be a fantastic resource in a learning setting as well as a great addition for a home library, encouraging open discussions to support and develop readers emotional intelligence.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publishers in exchange for my honest opinion. This post contains affiliate links.

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