Book review: A Climate in Chaos by Neal Layton.

Welcome to my latest blog post. I’m sharing a super duper book which will be published by Wren and Cook on the 14th May. Award winning author and illustrator Neal Layton has created an informative read which will be a brilliant addition to all bookshelves.

A climate in chaos book review on

Let’s talk climate change. It is such a big topic and one that can be presented in quite an overwhelming way for young readers but this book really doesn’t do that.
There is a lovely tone about the book with each double page spread accompanied by a young girl who asks questions or further explores particular points.

A climate in chaos book review on
Readers are presented with double page spreads that combine real life stills amongst colourful illustrations making it a rather unique non-fiction read.

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As well as being presented with information about how a climate in chaos has come to be, there are many a “science bit” but told in a way that is in keeping with the books target audience, which I would recommend as 5 and up.
There are also suggestions of what readers can actively do to help and the detailed diagram of what a sustainable home in the future may look like has been well received here.

A climate in chaos on
This book is just all round awesome. I’ve seen that the author/illustrator, Neal Layton, has also written A Planet full of Plastic, one that we haven’t read here yet and it has received great reviews. Another book to keep a look out for.

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publishers. All words and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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