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The 9th April marks National Unicorn Day, I know, I found this to be fascinating also. Unicorns have been popular since the Ancient Greek times and for the past few years they seem to have regained popularity. My post will include picture books and activity based books which could make great gifts, an alternative to Easter eggs perhaps and something to keep little ones occupied whilst on school holidays.

I’m starting my recommendations with a newly published book.

Where’s my unicorn? Illustrated by Kate McLelland and written by Becky Davies.

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With plenty of visual appeal, this book is a treat for younger readers. Presented in a sturdy board book format, this book wants readers to find unicorn. Where could she be? Along the way readers are shown different animals that share similar features to unicorn such as a shiny horn and colourful tail.

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Each double page spread includes textured parts and there is a lovely rainbow surprise flap at the end of the book.

My three year old enjoys this book, which give her that feeling of “I can read this.” There are other books in this series including Where’s Llama? And Where’s My Peacock? Lovely!

Once Upon a Unicorn Horn by Beatrice Blue.

If you have ever wondered how unicorns got their horns, this wonderfully illustrated picture book will be sure to give you the answer. June is a young girl who one day comes across a group of magical horses. They are practicing how to fly but there is one little horse who is finding flying difficult. June befriends this little horse and her empathy and kindness is highlighted well in the story. She is such a good friend to the horse in trying to teach him how to fly and does her best to cheer the horse up. With the help of her parents and an accident that makes everyone smile, this is a lovely story complete with a sprinkle of humour. Beatrice Blue has created a very sweet story featuring adorable horses and a beautiful main character who is a joy to meet.

A book that we’ve only recently discovered but may well be well loved in your home is,

Sugarlump and the Unicorn by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Lydia Monks.

Sugarlump and the Unicorn is a very fun read aloud with each turn of page presented with bouncy, rhyming text. Sugarlump is a well loved rocking horse who is adored by his two young friends but Sugarlump wishes for more. Unbeknown to Sugarlump, Unicorn grants what horses wish for and Sugarlump is able to dabble in different jobs far different from being rocking horse. But the excitement of all these jobs soon disappears for Sugarlump and he wants to play alongside children again. Can his wish be fulfilled, or is it too late? Lydia Monks bright, cheery illustrations complete this engaging read which will be appreciated by many horse and unicorn fans.

Unicorn Dance by Jenny Copper and illustrated by Lindsey Sagar.

This interactive board book is a fun read complete with a push out unicorn play piece. The book takes readers on a journey of a magical unicorn island where they are to find a group of unicorns for a party. With its sturdy format and each double page presenting a different pop up scene, this read will encourage lots of small word, imaginative play.

 Magic water Colouring Manes and Tails Horses and Unicorns written by Jenny Cooper and illustrated by Rachael McLean.

This magical water colouring book is fantastic. It would be a super resource to use whilst travelling and a brilliant one if you prefer mess free art fun for your young ones. As well as being able to paint pictures using water only, readers can also read fun facts and complete doodles. To use, you simply use the paintbrush provided with a little water and watch the scenes transform. Once the page has dried you can move on to the next one and this can be repeated again and again. A very fun activity book.

Usborne Little Peep Through Books Are you there little unicorn? Written by Sam Taplin and illustrated by Sarah Allen.

This unicorn happy board book is a fun, interactive read suitable for toddlers and up. Little unicorn is hiding with the book repeatedly stating ” Are you there, little unicorn?” As the story progresses different features of the unicorn are spotted and at the end the unicorn is finally met. As well as peep holes which little hands will love to explore, there are also many textured features on each double pages. This includes finger trails and many cut out shapes. Along the way there is so much for young readers to observe including mermaids, dragons and sweet fairies flying all around. This light weight book is sure to be a popular one and there are many others in the series also.

That’s Not My Unicorn by Fiona Watt and illustrated by Rachel Wells.

That’s Not My Unicorn follows the familiar pattern of That’s not my books, exploring different unicorns which are not quite the one mouse is looking for. Each page has a textured part  with the thick pages, in this case super shiny pages, great for little hands to explore and turn easily. The vocabulary used explores words such as “hooves” and “mane.”  The book is interactive and a celebration of unicorns which is perfect for the youngest of readers.

Baker Ross Unicorn Wooden Keyrings (Pack of 6) For Kids To Decorate, Arts and Crafts

If your little ones enjoy completing crafts, these wooden keyrings are very fun. As well as being something fun to colour in or paint it is also practical. We often use keyrings on my eldest daughters school bag. The keyrings come in packs of 6 so would be a great filler for party bags also.

I do hope this piece has added a little magic to your day.

Book shelf filled with unicorn picture books and activities.


Disclaimer: I received the books from various publishers however, I chose to include these in this piece, All words and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliates links.

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  1. We have the that’s not my unicorn, it was gifted to my youngest when she was a baby and it’s still a favourite now with its shiny edges.
    For ‘alternate’ unicorn stories Sarah McIntyre is great with the upcoming Grumpy Unicorn and Nikki Dyson with Oscar the Hungry Unicorn that eats everything!!

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