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Welcome to my latest blog post. The Bookish and More posts aim to follow a theme including reviews of books that follow that theme and gifts, toys and more that relate to the theme also.

This post is all about food! With two keen mini cooks on my hand this post could not be more relatable to my little munchkins. My eldest enjoys absorbing all the pictures and recipes of cook books that I have collected over the years and my youngest loves helping us in creating something yummy. Books can be a wonderful way of introducing new foods to little ones, opening their eyes to different cuisines from different countries and developing the awareness and vocabulary of foods.

Bake a rainbow cake by Amirah Kassem

Let’s bake a cake by amirah kassem on

Starting this collection of reads with a board book. Amirah Kassem, as well as creating a recipe book, see below, has also completed this read with younger readers in mind.

Book review amirah kassem let’s bake a cake on

Readers can follow instructions and pull tabs and flaps to see their cake gradually transforming into a wonderful, rather yummy looking rainbow cake. The text used is short and succinct and the sturdy board book format and thick pages makes it easy for ickle hands to access.

This would be a great book to incorporate into role play set ups, when learning about colours and just an all round fun read.

What’s on Your Plate?: Exploring the World of Food Written by Whitney Stewart and illustrated by Christiane Engel.

Whats on your plate? Cover photo

This is an absolutely fantastic book celebrating many foods and dishes that everyone around the world eats. Young readers have the opportunity to visit 14 destinations. These include, Mexico, India, Japan and Brazil.  The book shares information about each country, including what popular foods are eaten there, where the country is located on a world map and it shares a recipe of a popular dish from that country. How wonderful!

Extract from Whats on yur plate? showing information about Greece.

I love how this book encourages readers to be curious, to explore and hopefully inspire to cook with their parent or carer. Christiane Engle’s illustrations throughout are colourful, fun and very engaging. There are also photos used to show what certain dishes look like which of course is very helpful when you’re trying to make them. A super book!

TouchWords: Food by Rilla Alexander.

Touch words Food front cover

TouchWords books is an extension to the popular TouchThinkLearn series which you may well be familiar with. Food does not disappoint and is a wonderful tactile read that will have young and older appreciating this fantastic book.

extract from food board book showing a pot of rice with raised letters.

Eight different foods are shared in this colourful read including peas, eggs, soup, pie and apple. On each double page readers can see the name of the food which is presented with raised letters. Words associated with that food are shared and a brilliant image which is tactile is shown on the opposite page. This book encourages connections being made between foods and the way it is written as a word. The book is a super sensory experience and is presented brilliantly. The book will be published on April 16th in the UK.

Hungry Babies written by Fearne Cotton and illustrated by Sheena Dempsey.

COver of Hungry Babies

My little ladies are big fans of Fearne Cotton and Sheena Dempsey’s first book Yoga Babies. Hungry Babies is the second book that this fabulous team have created and it is a lovely read.  Fearne Cotton has written a fun rhyming read. The book is a lovely insight into what foods and tastes young children like.  It introduces children to different foods which perhaps may tempt them to try and is a great exploration of new vocabulary.

Extract from Hungry babies showing diverse characters eating at a table.

Sheena Dempsey’s illustrations are undeniably adorable and everytime I share a book of hers my youngest is completely mesmerised. She just finds them adorable and knows all the names of each character. The endpapers are also brilliant and share the contents of each of the characters lunchboxes which my daughters love exploring. This is a colourful, foody, diverse read brilliant for babies and up.

Nadiya’s Bake Me a Celebration Story: Thirty recipes and activities plus original stories for children by Nadiya Hussain and illustrated by Clair Rossiter.

Nadiya's Bake me a story Celebration cover photo

Nadiya Hussain was the winner of the popular programme Great British Bake Off. My family and I think Nadiya is a natural presenter, she is a real foody and also a book writer too. A woman of many talents. This book is one of three books in the series of Bake Me A Story.

The book is truly a celebration. Nadiya Hussain has embraced the many festivals that people from all around the world celebrate. The book includes Chinese New Year, Eid, Thanksgiving and more but it isn’t just about the festival itself. Stories are shared on each festival and recipes follow of sweet and savoury delights. Recipes shared include cherry biscuits, saffron jewelled rice, sausage rolls, turkey kebabs. Added to that are crafty activities shared and wonderful illustrations celebrating the diverse world in which we live in. I particularly love the front cover of the book and the inclusion of a salwar kameez wearing young girl. Something I rarely saw in books when I was younger. Clair Rossiter has done a wonderful job at making this such a welcoming read which has warm and inviting illustrations through out.

The Power of Sprinkles: A Cake Book by the Founder of Flour Shop by Amirah Kassem

cover shot of The POwer of Sprinkles on

New York based Amirah Kassem has created a wonderful cake book that is full of innovative ideas and sprinkles a plenty. There are 35 different cakes to try baking and they are all so original. From pretty cakes covered in sprinkles to cakes that look like an actual food, think cake sized doughnuts and sushi! The book is sure to excite many. The book would make a wonderful gift and we are so pleased its part of our collection of recipe books.

Amirah not only shares sweet surprises but she also shares her own stories which make it a unique and personable read where readers can discover more about the owner of Flour Shop. There are many hints and tips along the way and all these cakes are sure to put a smile on many people’s faces.

Yummy Yoga: Playful Poses and Tasty Treats by Joy Bauer and illustrated by Bonnie Stephens

Yummy yoga book review on

This playfully presented book will have many readers copying yoga poses and perhaps even dabble with different foods.

Each fold out double page has a young child demonstrating a different yoga pose which is then photographed alongside a food creation doing that same pose. Once the gatefold flap is opened readers can find a receipe incorporating some of the ingredients they’ve seen in the food pose.

Inside book Yummy Yoga on

In total there are ten poses and ten recipes and at the back of the book you can find detailed explainations about the pose and why it is beneficial for your body.

Inside yummy yoga book on

Receipes included are health, nutritious and simple and they include, mini eggplant pizzas, fruit smoothies and broccomole dip.

A brilliantly informative book encouraging healthy eating and exercise.

Ice Cream Scoop Puzzle: Countless Sweet Creations with 32 Flavors illustrated by Sarah Ferone.

Ice cream scoop puzzle box

This fun, colourful puzzle I’m sure will be happily received by many. This jigsaw provides lots of play potential and learning opportunities and who could resist an ice cream or two anyway?

Ice cream scoop puzzle

The jigsaw includes 32 pieces of different flavours as well cones, cups and sundae dishes. The puzzle is presented brilliantly in a sturdy box which is a delight to look at, touching on cool U.S diners of the past. When opened it becomes a little like a mobile shop sharing specials and flavours on the inside of the box. This puzzle would be great for a learning setting as well as for a home game. It could be used when role playing different games such as cafes, ice cream vans, shops and more. It encourages counting, colour recognition and so much more. A brilliant puzzle indeed which is recommended for 2 years old.

And that brings us to the end of my Bookish and More post. A collection of great food connected fun. I’m sure you’ll agree this was a rather tasty post.

Disclaimer: All books and games mentioned in this post were received from publishers. All words and opinions are entirely my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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