Blog tour: The Ultimate Survival Guide To Monsters Under The Bed by Mitch Frost and illustrated by Daron Parton.

I am very excited to share my latest blog piece which is part of a blog tour with wonderful publishers Buster Books for Mitch Frost and Daron Parton’s latest picture book.

Mastering the art of falling asleep can be tricky for young children as it is still a relatively new skill. Young children don’t have years of experience, managing to sleep with different sounds, different shadows and because of this night time can be an anxious time for some children. Psychologists believe that it is around the primary school years that children begin to imagine such things as monsters and as a parent or carer we shouldn’t dismiss their ideas but support children and provide them with positive coping skills. Using books and talking about your child’s fears can be a great step in helping them with their worries.

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The Ultimate Survival Guide to Monsters Under the Bed is  a humorous, entertaining, colourful read but it is also a book that I’m sure will help children who have fears of monsters.

The book begins with a humorous and fun introduction from the Goodnight Laboratory team. They inform readers that after much research they have worked hard to provide readers with a brilliant survival guide all about monsters under the bed.

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The big question is, does it work? Well the survival guide is made up of 10 steps to assist readers in ensuring monsters are no where near their beds or cupboards! Some of the steps are rather simple as it consists of bedtime routine habits, (I’m sure many parents and carers will be particularly fond of these parts)  such as brushing teeth because which monster truthfully likes minty fresh breath?


As the guide continues it shares other practical tips like whispering a joke if you feel a little scared and having all your favourite toys around you as monsters don’t really like big crowds. The book is so wonderfully written with its young audience in mind but equally the book is an entertaining one for older readers too. I appreciate the relaxed but careful approach the steps give to readers, providing a unique but funny way of supporting children who may have this night time concern.

Book review on The Ultimate Survival Guide To Monsters Under The Bed

The bright illustrations are expressive and fun with drawings of monsters that aren’t too scary that may well inspire children to complete drawings of their own. Author Mitch Frost and illustrator Daron Parton’s work go together brilliantly. The art work certainly brings the story to life.

If you are looking for an entertaining picture book or perhaps one that will be a brilliant antidote for a little person who worries about monsters, this is a great pick.

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Disclaimer: I received this book from the publishers in exchange for a review of the book as part of the blog tour. All words and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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