Book review: Halloween themed picture books for babies and up.

Whether you and your family go all out at Halloween or just relish in some pumpkin fun, I have some book recommendations for you. Let’s start with books for the youngest of readers.

That’s Not My Bat by Fiona Watt and illustrated by Rachel Wells.

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Brilliant for babies and up the That’s Not My books has titles that could be read for Halloween also. The little white mouse can’t seem to find his bat friend. On each turn of page a different bat appears with mouse explaining why it isn’t his bat. That’s Not My Bat is complete with textured parts, thick sturdy pages and engaging illustrations complete with memorable text. My youngest daughter and I couldn’t resist completing some crafty fun post reading the book and I think the final result is rather adorable.

Pip and Posy The Scary Monster by Axel Scheffler.

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We are big fans of Pip and Posy and this book is prefect for this season, with its beautiful illustrations inclusive of the autumn colours and cute pumpkins. It’s raining and Posy is a little bored so she decides to bake but then she hears something at the window and she sees a very big hand that is all furry! Oh no, who could it be?

Thankfully a certain someone was playing dress up and all ends well with Pip and Posy having a lovely picnic complete with freshly baked cakes.

Usborne Halloween book bundle

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If you were wanting to gift a preschooler a bundle of books for Halloween this one would be great. All the books pictured are by publishers Usborne and include That’s Not My Bat shared previously.

The Halloween Magic Painting Book is brilliant as you just need water for the pages to turn to colourful scenes filled with Halloween fun. There is also a handy fold out page at the back which you can use to avoid any water running on to the next page. This would be a great one to take away while travelling and its super light too.

Little First Stickers Halloween is a book filled with yes you guessed it, stickers. There are over 300 stickers in the book and various scenes for children to add to. From a monster party to a pumpkin patch this is sure to get children excited about Halloween.

Poppy and Sam’s Halloween Party is an appealing board book for the youngest of hands. Complete with peep hole parts for little fingers to explore and illustrations filled with all the autumnal and Halloween feels, I’m sure this will delight many young readers. Poppy and Sam can’t find their dog Rusty. Will they be able to find him before the Halloween party begins?

Christopher Pumpkin by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet and illustrated by Nick East.


This is a fun, humorous, rhythmic read which will have many readers adoring Christopher just like my girls and I do.

This book is a great pick for October but equally a lovely one to share with readers that it’s great to be true to yourself. A wicked witch features in the story who wants to host a scary party. She needs help in organising such a gruesome affair so turns some pumpkins into little helpers. Only problem is Christopher is not at all what she was expecting. He loves to sing happy songs, is more partial to balloons and bunting then bats and spiders and his party food pick are cupcakes not rat pizza. You can imagine the witch isn’t at all happy and makes it clear that should he not conform to the scary party he will be made into soup. Can Christopher deliver? This is a fun, humorous, rhythmic read which will have many readers adoring Christopher just like my girls and I do.

To read a full review of this book complete with a great snack you could make with your little ones head over to my a review I completed as part of the blog tour. Blog Tour: Christopher Pumpkin.

The Right One by Violeta Nay.

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The Right One is all about a young ghost who wants to try a different look. He’s a little tired of the white sheet so attempts to add a little colour into his appearance. His family don’t approve but that doesn’t stop this little ghost. If you’re looking for a Halloween read that isn’t scary for young readers this is a great pick.

Complete with ghostly illustrations against colourful backgrounds this is an appealing read with a wonderful message that could be shared all year round.

Room On the Broom by Julia Donadlson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler.


The Room on the Broom is a favourite of my girls. The witch in the story isn’t how one would expect a witch to be. Though she dresses like a witch she is a rather kind witch who is happy to help animals who would like to share her broomstick with her. However, the broomstick snaps and everyone ends up in a bog and a dragon appears. His favourite meal is witch and chips! Will the witch be saved?

Julia Donaldson’s rhythmic text makes this a wonderful read aloud and Axel Scheffler’s illustrations certainly bring this story to life.

Also available from The Book People are activity books based on Julia Donaldson’s books This includes an activity book based on the story Room on The Broom which my girls have certainly enjoyed colouring in.

The Ultimate Survival Guide To Monsters Under The Bed by Mitch Frost and illustrated by Daron Parton.

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This monster filled book is actually a humorous, entertaining, colourful read. A timely one for Halloween but also a book that I’m sure will help children who have fears of monsters under their bed.

The survival guide is made up of 10 steps to assist readers in ensuring monsters are no where near their beds or cupboards! Some of the steps are rather simple as it consists of bedtime routine habits, (I’m sure many parents and carers will be particularly fond of these parts) such as brushing teeth because which monster truthfully likes minty fresh breath?

With colourful spreads of expressive monsters we couldn’t resist making some finger puppets to go alongside our sharing of the book.

Ghoulia by Barbara Cantini

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The Ghoulia series is a great pick for children 6 and up. The books are presented brilliantly with that chapter book feel (around 50 pages long) but filled with colourful illustrations throughout. Ghoulia is a little zombie girl and has her own unique look. In Making New Friends Can Be Scary Ghoulia really wants to make real friends and the first book  is dedicated to just that. How does a zombie girl befriend others when she’s been told by her aunt to avoid town and those within it? The book brilliantly highlights that being yourself is key and to accept everyone for who they are. The book is also a great pick for Halloween as the annual event certainly helps Ghoulia in this book.

In the second book, Ghoulia and the Mysterious Visitor we see Ghoulia receive some unexpected visitors at Crumbling Manor. This includes a rather whiny cousin named Dilbert. Ghoulia doesn’t understand what’s happening and needs answers from her aunt but she is nowhere to be seen! Will anyone find her aunt?

These would be great additions to a library and such a treat for shared reading time. Ghoulia it’s been a pleasure meeting you.

A selection of picture book picks for Halloween which I hope you’ve enjoyed also.



Disclaimer: I received some of these books from the publishers and some were bought personally by me. All words and opinins are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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