Book review: Fantastically Great Women books by Kate Pankhurst.

Fantastically Great Women

A trio of terrific reads.

The Fantastically Great Women series is absolutely brilliant and I’m delighted that these books are included in our home library. Written and illustrated by Kate Pankhurst they are a feast for the eyes.

Fantastically Great Women Who Changed The World was the first book of the trio published and includes woman who fought for what they believed in. The book includes woman like Rosa Parks, Marie Curie and Emmeline Pankhurst.

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Fantastically Great Women Who Made History a much anticipated follow up includes ambitious woman who as a result of their hard work changed how things would be then and now. Woman like Ada Lovelace, Josephine Baker and Hatshepsut who lived in ancient Egypt times are included in this book.

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Fantastically Great Women Who Worked Wonders is a celebration of diverse woman and was published earlier this year. Each of the woman included have completely different careers. The book includes mathematician Katherine Johnson, scientist Rosalind Franklin and Maria Sibylla Merian who had a passion for insects and made some brilliant discoveries.

Each of the books are so brilliantly illustrated with facts a plenty and a glossary titled “ Fantatsically great words.” Love!

And if that wasn’t enough there is another book coming out (February 2020) Fantastically Great Woman Who Saved The Planet and includes Jane Goodall and Isatou Ceesay who recycles wastes into beautiful objects.

I’m sure you’ll agree these would make great gifts including to a local school.

My eldest and I are certainly enjoying them.


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