Book review: B is for Baby by Atinuke and illustrated by Angela Brooksbank.

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Immerse in West African culture and meet a beautiful baby and their family. This book is such a treat and would make a fantastic read for learning settings as not only does it invite readers to explore a culture perhaps different to their own, it’s a story told using words starting with B.

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The book is based around Baby’s older brother who takes some bananas to his grandfather Baba. Little does he know that his younger sibling is in the basket of bananas too.

I adore how the grandfather is called Baba, as my sisters and I called our grandfather by that name too.

B is for baby book review on

This book is a great one for babies featuring a character of the same age and for toddlers and up with its exploration of vocabulary all beginning with B.

B is for baby on

The delightful author and illustrator duo are also the team who wrote Baby Goes to Market.

My youngest found this in our local library and she loves the illustrations, as do I.

A lovely read exploring first words.

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