Book review: The Girl and the Dinosaur by Hollie Hughes and illustrated by Sarah Massini.

Author Hollie Hughes and illustrator Sarah Massini have created a beautiful book and I am excited to share it with you. The Girl and the Dinosaur is soaked in utterly wonderful illustrations and narration that is both detailed and a delight to read aloud, this is sure to be a popular read and certainly has been here for my little ladies bedtime book.

This is the first book we have read by Hollie Hughes but this isn’t her first picture book which includes titles Ninja Nan and Princess Seashbuckle. Illustrator Sarah Massini isn’t new to our blog as you may recall the wonderful The Boy and the Bear book which we have reviewed and a book which is illustrated so beautifully. The Girl and the Dinosaur is no different, let me tell you more.

Book review on The Girl and the Dinosaur

The story is based on a young girl named Marianne who enjoys foraging on the beach. She’s on the hunt for a dinosaur and is determined to find one, even if it means enjoying her own company for a while. Her wonderful red hair flows as she digs for treasure and you can’t help but think of joining her but she’s quite content alone.

Her patience and hard work leads to a great find and a splendid double page spread shares her finding of… a dinosaur!

Book review on of picture book The Girl and the dinosaur

From this moment on Marianne has a friend and names it, quite rightly, Bony. Darkness falls and she just must return home but she can’t stop thinking about her new friend and makes a wish.

With all my heart I make a wish, and dream it will come true, for stony bones to come to life and find me when they do.

Can you guess if the wish was granted? Oh and what a splendid time the two of them have. Bony is a rather special dinosaur, not only has he come true but he can also fly and amongst the wonderful words on the page you have imaginative artwork guiding you though Marianne’s magical adventure.

She floats pasts unicorns and fairies and unites with other dinosaurs and children at a place where “anything is possible.” Such a surprise for Marianne and very much a secret that children will not tell.

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This book is such a lovely read, full of innocence, magic and talented artwork that goes hand in hand with the skill fully written text. I politely insist you seek it out and share it with young readers, they won’t be disappointed.

Disclaimer: Thank you so much to Bloomsbury publishers for sending this picture book to us. All words and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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