Book review: Ella May Does It Her Way by Mick Jackson and illustrated by Andrea Stegmaier

Book review of Ella May Does It Her Way on

Ella May is an imaginative, determined young girl who has her own unique ideas. After hearing from her mum that it’s good to try new things, she puts her words into actions. She decides that walking backwards is the way to go, in fact doing everything backwards, reading books, sleeping and more.

Inside picture book Ella May Does It Her Way

Much to her mammas dismay Ella May continues to enjoy this backwards phase in her life, so much so that her mum even gives it a go which creates a ripple effect across the whole town. Everyone walking backwards? Well Ella May won’t be seen doing the ordinary so has another way of travelling up her sleeve.

Book review of picture book Ella May Does It Her Way

This is a fun read with fantastic illustrations, which I adore and it’s a book that is sure to get readers talking. The book is also representative of a single parent family.

I think my girls have enjoyed meeting Ella May. In my eldests words “It’s ok to listen to others but it’s good to do things your own way too.”

I’m sure there will be many more determined little ones who will enjoy meeting Ella May.

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publishers in exchange for my honest opinion.

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