Book review: Clem and Crab by Fiona Lumbers

Welcome to my latest blog post. Andersen Press have recently published a brilliant picture book which I am so excited to share with you. I would highly recommend you seek out, if you haven’t already of course.

Clem and Crab by Fiona Lumbers.

I first came across Fiona Lumbers work at a bookshop in Seven Stories. In addition to seeing her illustrations in the book I like Bees, I don’t like honey, Fiona had also painted an area in Seven Stories and it was such a welcoming, delightful piece of work that just made me smile. I was pretty excited to discover that she had a new book coming out and thankfully for us Andersen Press sent us a copy.

Clem and Crab is Fiona’s debut picture book which she has illustrated and written.


The book is centred around a young girl named Clem who absolutely adores exploring the beach. She appreciates the sounds, the views and is rather partial to collecting things, not only interesting objects that have washed ashore but also things that people have left behind. Clem understands that some of these objects shouldn’t be on the beach and she sorts through them, putting aside things that could be recycled.

Whilst collecting things she spots a crab and they begin to play together but then it disappears. The crab actually gets tangled up in a plastic bag and Clem saves it and returns it to its home. Little does Clem know that this crab is quite taken to Clem and on two occasions it seems to want to accompany Clem everywhere.

Clem and crab book review

Clem enjoys a few adventures with the crab including a visit to the aquarium which is a brilliantly illustrated double page spread. Oh the colours are just joyful. However, it’s Clem’s teacher at school that gently explains that the crabs environment isn’t a classroom nor Clem’s home but needs to be returned to the beach.

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Clem’s enthusiasm and passion for what she discovers on the beach leads to her school friends following in her footsteps. As reluctant and sad Clem is to return the crab she is delighted to see her school friends there at the beach.

Clem is a wonderful main character and I’m pleased that my girls have got to meet her. There is so much we can learn from Clem and the work Of Fiona Lumbers. Unfortunately Clem’s findings on the beach including plastics aren’t a rare occurance in reality and it’s wonderful that a brilliant book is interwoven with such important environmental issues. Combined with adorably illustrated art work that is full of detail this is such an engaging, enjoyable read.

Clem and Crab book review on

We think Clem and Crab is fantastic and I for one am certainly looking forward to seeing more of Fiona Lumbers writing and gorgeous art work.

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publishers in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.








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