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Welcome to my latest blog post. My girls and I have been enjoying the Easter holidays. If you are off with your little ones we hope you’re having a beautiful break from school routine. The sun has been shining here so there are smiles all around.

Spring is in full flow and Easter is around the corner so I thought I would share some rabbit picture books we’ve been enjoying.

Hug Me Little Bunny by Chronicle Books

Hug me board book about rabbits MammaFilz.com

This sweet, interactive board book celebrates all the things a parents arms do for their child. Readers can observe how Little Bunny’s parent uses their arms to rock Bunny to sleep, to hold on to as they explore new places and best of all to give big hugs.

Board book Little Bunny MammaFilz.com

The soft finger puppet allows readers to have some bookish play along the way and certainly adds a lot of fun to the read. A lovely book to snuggle up to for reading time.

Hop Little Bunnies by Martha Mumford and Laura Hughes.

Hop little Bunnies MammaFilz.com

This interactive read based on a familiar rhyme, Sleeping Bunnies, has been very popular with my youngest poppet. She absolutely loves singing and completing the actions for Sleeping Bunnies.

The book has all the spring feels and is an adaptation of the original rhyme by including other animals in the song also. It’s fun, has lift the flaps, and beautiful illustrations which brings the familiar rhyme to life, what more could a younger reader need?

The book would be a great addition to a learning setting. I previously reviewed the book in a blog post Hop Little Bunnies.

Bruno and Bella The Scooter by Judy Brown.

Bruno and Bella The Scooter mammafilz.com

Tiny Owl publishers are due to publish a new series of picture books aimed at preschoolers. Bruno and Bella are two enthusiastic rabbits who young readers will enjoy meeting.

Bruno and Bella The Scooter MammaFilz.com

In The Scooter Bruno is rather excited as he receives a scooter for his birthday. He’s never owned a scooter before but with practise he is able to confidently use it. But whilst completing an adventurous scooter ride Bruno realises he has forgotten to practise stopping. Will Bella be on hand to help? Readers will enjoy this this first experience read all about scooters and I’m sure it will be relatable to many.

The book is due to be published on May 9th.

My Funny Bunny by Christine Roussey.

My funny bunny MammaFilz.com

My eldest daughter who is 4 has been enjoying this book, My Funny Bunny. We are familiar with Christine Roussey’s work so were intrigued about this book. It’s a book that has got us talking about a great many things, friendship, being unique, imperfections and emotions.

The story is based around a young boy who receives a gift on his birthday. He really wants a rabbit and thanks to his uncle he receives one. The boy however, is left disappointed as the rabbit he receives, Funny Bunny isn’t quite what he was expecting. Bunny is peculiar looking and with this disappointment the boy becomes very emotional, shouty, angry and says mean things to the rabbit.

My funny bunny MammaFilz.com

In exposing his emotions to rabbit and seeing how gentle and friendly bunny is, the boy soon realises that he shouldn’t have reacted in such a way. He really should have given bunny a chance, regardless of his appearances.

This is a brilliant book and one that i would happily use in my classroom.

I do hope you’ve enjoyed our bunny story recommendations. Until my next blog post, happy reading.

Disclaimer: I received these books from publishers however, I chose to include this selection in this piece. As always, all words and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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