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I’m sharing some great reads all about pets. It’s a post that I’ve wanted to do after finding a really resourceful book at my local library. However, before I share that one let’s start with some great board books for babies and up.

Pets by Jane Foster.

Board book, Pets by Jane Foster

Jane Foster has created some wonderful board books for young readers and this one is a lovely one to add to the collection. Young ones will enjoy observing different animals including common pets such as cats and dogs as well as rabbits and a tortoise. Each double page has a bold picture of a pet in Jane Foster’s signature retro style and colourful palette. The name of the pet is then shown in large writing against a simple background.

Extract from board book Pets by Jane Foster showing a tortoise as a pet.

Peek a boo Little Cat! By Susie Linn and illustrated by Zhanna Ovocheva.

Board book Peek a boo little cat!

This sweet board book is a lovely read to introduce to toddlers and up. Created with delicate pastel colours, peek through parts and a game of peek a boo throughout, this is an interactive read. Readers are introduced to different animals and alongside the repetitive text this will be a memorable text for readers to remember and recall themselves. The book allows a playful introduction to various animals using a peep hole including cats and lizards which are then all shown together on the final page. The book is great way of exploring new vocabulary with children and also gives readers the opportunity to apply common words like hello within the text. Also available in the series is Peek a boo dog.

Lulu Gets a Cat by Anna McQuinn and illustrated by Rosalina Beardshaw.

Cover shot of the book Lulu gets a cat

Oh we adore Lulu in our home and in this story readers witness her mature and responsible side as Lulu really wants a pet cat. Her mother explains that having a pet can be a lot of work but this does not deter Lulu. Instead it encourages Lulu to find out more by completing her own research. Readers observe adorable Lulu becoming more informed about being a cat owner. She begins to understand that pets need a lot of attention and requires feeding and caring for and with this new knowledge and more, Lulu is allowed to adopt a pet cat.

Lulu learning about being a pet owner in Lulu gets a cat on

This diverse read highlights the seriousness of becoming a pet owner but it is shared in a very accessible way for young readers. The illustrations are utterly adorable throughout and capture lovely moments between Lulu and her new cat. The book was also included in 2018 Empathy Lab recommended list.

Lulu gets a cat from the shelter.

My Pet T-Rex by Fabi Santiago.

Book review my pet t-Rex on

Becoming a pet owner can bring so much joy but what about all that responsibility? This entertaining read brilliantly shares the responsibility of having a pet as well as touching on emotions including empathy.

Kiki is the young girl pictured on the front cover and she is the happy owner of Petunia, a dinosaur. The happiness Kiki has for becoming a pet owner is soon overshadowed with the immense tasks that are involved in ensuring Petunia is well looked after. As happy as Kiki is owning a dinosaur can be exhausting, particularly one that needs regular feeding in vast amounts.

The expressive illustrations add an additional layer to the storyline and it soon becomes clear that Kiki is finding it all too much stating that she doesn’t want the dinosaur anymore. Oh dear, Petunia heard, and it seems that dinosaurs have feelings too.

Can Kiki make this all ok?

As well as being a humorous read how great a resource would it be for readers perhaps wanting a pet and also for exploring not giving up.

I want a cat by Ben Hubbard and illustrated by Jason Chapman.

I want a cat cover shot.

This brilliantly detailed book aimed at readers 7 years and up is a book we found in the library. The book present an engaging story as well as factual information about cats and becoming a pet owner.

Extract from I want a cat.

Holly would really like a cat in her home but her family are not so keen. After being taught about cats in a lesson at school, Holly’s teacher encourages her to keep a scrap book. Her teacher thinks the collection of information could result in the family agreeing to get a cat.

The varied page layouts and combination of facts and story make this an informative and engaging read. Holly undertakes lots of research but she also takes on board the advice people give her. For example, she includes in her scrap book the tips her uncle gives her on cat play. The book also includes information that Holly finds on the internet, using real life photos of cats. Can this scrap book bursting with information convince her family to adopt a cat?

Extract from I want a cat.

The book is a super resource and would be a fantastic book to use in a learning setting also. Royalties from the sale of the book also go towards supporting the work of Battersea Dogs and Cats Home based in South West London. You may also be pleased to know that I want a Dog is also available in the series.

Perhaps some of these reads will assist you if someone you know would like a pet? We’ve certainly found these books very informative and fun.

Disclaimer: Some of the books included in this post were received from the publishers. However, all words and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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