Book review: The Everyday Journey of ordinary things by Libby Deutsch and illustrated by Valpuri Kerttula.

When my eldest daughter was younger she enjoyed finding out about things. She often asked the question “why?” and “how?” Does this sound familiar? You see back then I could explain things, why her hair was black, why the car had a steering wheel, how light was able to come out of a bulb. But then something happened and she was suddenly 4 and half year olds. Her questions have become more complex and my answers aren’t always so detailed as I don’t know everything, something which I’m never shy to admit to her as we can then learn together.

The Everyday Journeys of Ordinary Things is a book that is brilliant for young and older readers. Though the book is aimed at 7 and up, I wouldn’t let this deter you from reading it with younger children. It’s proved a great book that my daughter and I can pore over, take our time in discussing different details and it’s been a great way of introducing more non-fiction text to her.

Libby Deutsch has done a brilliant job at including journeys of many things including how we get the internet, how we receive post, how chocolate is made, the journey of money and much much more. Each journey is explored in detail over a double page spread. It includes captions, bite size chunks of information and many illustrations.

The illustrations, competed by Valpuri Kurttula are fun, colourful and engaging. This is such a great book that can be dipped in and out of and would make a fantastic resource in a learning setting.

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publishers however, all words and opinions are entirely my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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