International Book Giving Day 2019.

Today’s blog post is a little different from others as I’m sharing my day with you. You see the 14th February is not only Valentine’s Day but it is also Book Giving Day, international Book Giving Day actually.

In 2012 Emma Perry began this brilliant day with the aim to get more books into the hands of children. The idea that you give out books to family, friends, schools, dot books around family friendly places for people to find or support a charity.

Last year I gave a bundle of books to a local children’s hospice and also hid books around my local area. I intended to blog about it but it didn’t quite happen and this was partly because my battery died on my phone so I didn’t get any photos. However, this year, well here I am.

So this year I again gave a bundle of books to a local children’s hospice. I tried to choose books that would accommodate for the different age groups that use the hospice. Not only for patients but also for children who may be visiting a loved one.

I also gave some books to a school. My eldest daughter is in reception class so I decided to give some books to the school she attends. For this bundle I tried to include books that were picture book classics (perhaps replace any well read/worn books) as well as books that the children may well not have heard of. I’m hoping to do the same next year but I’m aiming to include more diverse reads.

Also, just like last year I hid some books around Newcastle. The key word here is some as this year I handed more books out face to face. I found interacting with people and explaining more about the day was a lovely way to spread the word about Book Giving Day. One lovely lady I met was so touched by my gift that she said she would join in with Book Giving Day next year. How lovely.

My youngest daughter has been an absolute trooper today and has helped in all our book giving. To celebrate this lovely day we popped to a cheery coffee shop where I indulged in a dark hot chocolate and my mini me was rather pleased with her warm milk and tasty fruit scone.

It has been a happy day and I hope those who have received a book today enjoy some cosy reading time.

I hope you’ve had a good day too. A very happy Book Giving Day!

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