Book review: The rabbit the dark and the biscuit tin by Nicola Byrne.

The rabbit the dark and the biscuit tin is our latest library find. The book had us smiling last night as rabbit shared a similarity with my little ladies…he didn’t want to go to bed. Rabbit takes matters in his own hands and kidnaps the dark as he’d rather not sleep. I’m sure you can imagine my girls reaction. Rabbit’s rather smug at first but the dark talks to the rabbit and he soon realises that darkness is actually quite important. Not only for ensuring he rests well ready for his breakfast goodness but also for all the nocturnal animals.

This sweetly told story is brilliant in sharing the differences between day night with young ones. Sharing that some animals are in fact wide awake as they are asleep. The illustrations are wonderfully completed and there is also a lovely pop up surprise towards the end of the book.

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