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Welcome to my latest Bookish and More post. Todays post is in collaboration with The Book People who sell a brilliant range of books both for children and adults. This post is dedicated to baby books that are all available to purchase from The Book People website. I have chosen a selection of board books that would be brilliant for babies and up.  These hand picked favourites from The Book People would be great picks to also support key milestones which I shall further discuss.

New baby.

As part of new baby gifts I always include a book (or more) amongst their presents. The following bundle I’m sure would be well received by many little ones and would also make a lovely present to gift a new baby or to give at a baby shower.

Petite Boutique Collection

Petite Boutique

This super bundle of goodies includes a height chart, a buggy book, a nursery rhymes book that comes with a CD and an adorable Peekaboo book.

Nursery Rhymes is brilliantly illustrated with the words for each rhyme that is also on the CD that comes with the book. We have found such books so useful and the CD would be brilliant to play in the car whilst travelling.

The Buggy Book is adorable and is the perfect item to take whilst out and about, not only for the buggy but also when dining out with children as you could attach it to a high seat.

The height chart is colourful and when you weren’t using it you could always display the nursery rhymes that feature on the other side of the chart.

The Peekaboo Book is a lovely addition to the bundle. The fold out pages and mirror encourage little ones to copy actions and gestures that the different animals in the book do. It is a lovely interactive book and with the addition of the mirror it makes it even more fun.

All of these goodies come in a handy bag and have been chosen so well to create a lovely collection of items.

Starting child care.

For children who might be starting a preschool setting and for parents who may be returning to work these picks would be lovely to support such a transition.

This Is The Way We Go To School written by Nosy Crow and illustrated by Yu-hsuan Huang

Sing the words to the book and let young hands explore the sturdy book and the fun moveable parts on each double page. The chunky sliders also bring the pages alive, from helping the main character brush his teeth to waving goodbye to grown ups once at school. There is plenty for children to observe and look at with sweet illustrations by Yu-hsuan Hang. You can also enjoy listening to the nursery rhyme by scanning the QR code on the first page which would be great to use to sing along to. Brilliant.

Always In My Heart by Little Tiger Press and illustrated by Roisin Hahessy.

This truly heartwarming read (no pun intended) is simple gorgeous. Pages presented in pastel coloured hearts makes this an unforgettable read and the message is clear, no matter if you are together or apart from your grown up, you will always be in their heart. This would be a lovely book to share anytime but could also be used for big milestones like a child moving into their own bedroom and before starting a child care provision. The text is easily understood by little ones and is a lovely reassuring text that is written in rhyme. A very sweet book indeed.

Learning at home

Books are a great resource to use to support learning with young ones.

A Sing Along Counting Book- 10 Little Dinosaurs by Lisa and Damien Barlow with music by Mark Bates.

This book I’m sure will please many young dinosaur fans. Say hello to one little dinosaur and continue to count up until you meet all ten dinosaurs. This is a great book to introduce children to number and what makes it even more fun is that you can sing along to the music which you just need to press the button for. There are number words and digits shown on each page alongside colourful rather adorable dinosaurs.

Hickory, Dickory Dock and other favourite nursery rhymes by Little Tiger Press and illustrated by Genine Delahaye.

Introducing children to singing is a great way of assisting them with talking, allows an opportunity to explore new vocabulary and of course can be very fun. This lovely board book includes many nursery rhymes that you could introduce and sing and along with your little ones and unlike some nursery rhyme books this book includes traditional  and modern nursery rhymes. Rhymes include If You’re happy and you know it, Five Little Monkeys and Little Bo Peep.

Following your child’s interests

If your child is showing an interest in a particular theme or topic using books can be a great way of further exploring their interest.

My First Fire engine, My First Train by Campbell books and illustrated by Marion Billet.

Marion Billet is an illustrator who is well known in our home and these two transport books are adorable. In both books there is lots to talk about with prompt questions on things to look out for and spot. In My First Fire Engine young readers are introduced to different jobs that are carried out by fire fighters, which don’t all involve fire. It is also brilliant to see how diverse each of the books are and that includes the female fire fighter on the front cover. In My First Train children can witness where a train leaves from, what it can look like inside and the many different scenes a journey may pass. Both board books would be a lovely addition to a 1 year olds bookshelf and the moving wheels make the books even more special. These two books are available as a pack from The Book People.

Where Does Pig Live? A barnyard search and find book by Roger Priddy

This sturdy novelty board book will delight many mini animal enthusiasts. Pig is searching for his home and his journey through the farm to find his home introduces readers to other animals and where they live. The repetitive text with the use of questions makes the book more accessible and memorable to readers and would subsequently be a great read for children to read independently. The book is made more fun and interactive with its addition of lift the flaps and sliders and also gets young readers hand muscles working. The book is colourful and chunky and would be a great one to use in a learning setting when exploring farms and habitats.

Children’s Classics.

Spot Loves Bedtime by Eric Carle.

We have a few Spot books in our home and this sweet read is a lovely one all about bedtime. I wish this title was true with every child. I’m sure Spots mamma was rather excited at the prospect of her son going to sleep and perhaps there being some quiet time for her but unfortunately, just as everything was going to plan Spot cannot find his teddy bear! Spot looks everywhere for Teddy, downstairs, upstairs, finding things that other family member have lost but no Teddy, where is Teddy? Well, let’s just say Teddy was keeping Spots bed warm. A lovely book to share before bedtime that isn’t too long and presented in a toddler friendly board book format.

Rosie’s Walk by Pat Hutchins.

Rosie’s Walk is a classic picture book written by the late Pat Hutchins. It is a humorous read based on Rosie the hen and her walk from her chicken coop. completely unaware, Rosie is being followed by a fox on leaving her coop. The sly fox does his best to catch Rosie but along the walk he repeatedly gets caught up in awkward situations including stumbling into bee hives. The book encourages young readers to really observe the illustrations that have a very retro feeling colour palette as the book was originally published in the 70’s. The book has little text but encourages the use of positional language and prepositions. It is brilliant to see a picture book classic available in a board book format and its small size makes it a lovely accessible read for little hands to explore.

Toilet Training

If you are looking for a book to support toilet/potty training your toddler the following pick is a great option. For my eldest we actually used the male version of this book which is also available but of course it is entirely up to you.

Princess Polly Potty written by Andrea Pinnington and illustrated by Melanie Williamson.

Princess Polly Potty

Princess Polly Potty is a great book to share when your little ones begin to take an interest in abandoning the nappy and giving toilet/potty training a go. The book is based on the very smiley Princess Polly who shows you her journey of potty training readiness. She acknowledges that she wants to be a big girl and not wear nappies like her younger sibling. Princess Polly chooses her own potty which readers are invited to choose their favourite also, she chooses her own knickers and then she is good to go. The book gently shows the journey of potty training and as some of us may already know it can take longer than we first imagine. The book is well thought out and also includes hygiene advice. The pack contains a sticker book also with stickers a plenty and a lovely reward chart at the back.

In writing about these brilliant board books I hope I’ve helped you in picking some great reads for your little ones. These books are all available from The Book People website as well as other fantastic reads.

Disclaimer: I was gifted these books from The Book People. All words and opinions expressed are my own.  

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