Book review: Whales, Dophins and other Marine Mammals by Frances Dipper and illustrated by Alice Pattullo. Turtles, Snakes and other reptiles by Amy-Jane Beer and illustrated by Alice Pattullo.

Lincoln Children’s books have recently published great pocket guides for children who may well be animal enthusiasts.


Whales, Dolphins and other Marine Mammals and Turtles, Snakes and other reptiles are two great books that will be a great addition to a home library as well as a fantastic resource in a learning setting.

The guides are dinky in size, great for child sized rucksacks and filled with facts and fascinating illustrations. Brimming with information, each being over 60 pages long, these books are lightweight, engaging and each page is a delight of art and colour.

Whales, Dolphins and other Marine Mammals.


Written by Frances Dipper and illustrated by Alice Pattullo, Whales, Dolphins and other Marine Mammals is a great informative pocket guide. The book begins with an introduction to how to use the book followed with really great pages explaining things like what a mammal is and life in water.


Following on from that the book is then categorised by marine mammal groups. These include seals and walrus, toothed whales and dolphins and baleen whales.

The presentation of text and images is great and the amount of text in each section is not too overwhelming, particularly for reluctant readers as these books are aimed at 7 year old children and above. Alice Pattullo has done a great job at illustrating such fine work.


Turtles, Snakes and other Reptiles


Turtles, Snakes and other Reptiles has also been illustrated by Alice Pattullo and this book is written by Amy-Jane Beer. The book goes into great detail explaining different animal groups and reptiles and includes information about reptile babies showing illustrations of various eggs. Just like its sister book the read is also organised into groups including crocodilians, snakes and lizards.


A farm local to us also is home to some reptiles so it was great to be able to refer to this book and pick out facts that my girls would be able to understand. Though they are younger (4 and 1 years old) then the recommended age for this book there is still so much they can take from it. The size of the book I truly feel makes it more appealing for them and the hardback cover does it make it more sturdy, particularly when my 1 year old handles the book.

Each of the pocket guides have index pages at the back making it a great book to dip in and out of when a particular reptile or marine mammal wants to be looked at in more detail.

It is great to see such a brilliantly illustrated non-fiction read that has been thought about so carefully. In the past non-fiction reads catered for 7 year olds and up, in my opinion, were always a tad too adulty so it is lovely to see that these guides haven’t forgotten about its young targeted reader.

These books are now available to purchase and I am sure would make a lovely gift.

Disclaimer: We received these books from the publishers. All words and opinions are entirely my own.

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