Book review: Find and Seek New York by Sally Roydhouse

Find and Seek New York by Sally Roydhouse is a stylish, informative read dedicated to the city of New York in the United States of America.

This is the second stunning Find and Seek book which Sally Roydhouse has written and illustrated. I was delighted to receive a copy.

The book is described as “A Family Guide to the City” and a great one at that. Having been to New York myself I was super excited to delve in to this book.

Join the nameless little boy as he wanders around the city, with his family, visiting an array of places and allowing us to witness the wonders he sees and the enjoyment he has.

Sally Roydhouse gets the balance of popular tourist areas to visit with places that you may not have thought about going to or even known about. Of course this is a family friendly guide but there is something for everyone amongst her selections.

This also includes food which is something I’m personally intrigued about when I’m away.

The language used in the book is school age appropriate with great examples of rhyming text making the book a great read aloud book.

The illustrations ooze style and have an architectural feel about them. They appear so vividly that at times it feels like your walking along side the boy, touring the city.

Sally Roydhouse clearly wants her readers to embrace other cultures and new surroundings. Her references to engaging the senses, having words in bold such as “Smell” and “Watch,” are a discussion point in themselves to have with your child but also represent all senses being activated on such a journey of discovery.

It’s so refreshing to read about a destination through a child’s eyes but also a great opportunity to share a new place with your mini readers.

I’ve also found Sally Roydhouse books to be a great tool to introduce to a child prior to travelling to that particular destination.

I can’t not include her previous work Find and Seek Singapore as my family and I love this book.

Photo taken in Singapore's Botanical Gardens
Find and Seek Singapore, sitting pretty In Singapore’s Botanical Gardens.

This gorgeous book is also based on a little boy travelling but this time he’s in Singapore. The young boy goes to some great attractions including Botanic Gardens, Singapore Zoo and observes some Chinese New Year celebrations. This book is written realistically and I could quite easily frame the pages with their stunning illustrations.

If you want your child to embrace a new culture through the power of reading I would highly recommend Sally Roydhouse’s work. We are so excited to see what Sally Roydhouse produces next.

Disclaimer: I was delighted to receive a copy of this book for review purposes and as always words and opinions are entirely my own.

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  1. What a fun book this would be to have WHILE visiting New York. We may look into getting this one for our travels!

    1. It is brilliant isn’t it. We did just that when we visited Singapore. I took Sally’s first Find and Seek book with us. I’m pleased you liked it.

  2. What beautiful illustrations, what a great way to introduce a new place to children when travelling. I’ve not heard of this author before so I shall have to check her out. Thanks for linking up to #KLTR

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