Review: Children’s app Azoomee.


Using the internet for us grown ups has become part of our daily routine. Whether it’s using social media, accessing your emails from your phones or shopping around for the best deal it is being used often. But what about our children?

Every family has their own ideas and rules about internet usage and screen time for their children. I do know of instances where children we know have been accessing the internet and they’ve come across inappropriate content or innocently chosen a children’s programme and then it turns out to be a spoof. Really unpleasant experiences but they can be avoided with this app.


Without it sounding like a sale pitch, although Azoomee did gift me the app, in exchange for a review, (which as always will be honest), there are great things about Azoomee.

-There are no adverts. Yes, none.  No annoying boxes popping up, no adverts convincing your child to buy the latest toy, nada, nothing.

It is supported by the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children).

It is not just an app full of games. This I find brilliant and each week new content is added!

Azoomee is a monthly subscription app for children. Subscription starts from £4.99 a month and there is also a trialling period you could complete to see if it suits your families needs.

The app is targeted to school age children and there are many varied things to keep your young ones busy should you allow screen time.

Watch- There are so many things available to watch on the app including popular programmes like Charlie and Lola, Robin Hood, Alvinnn and the chipmunks and nature related programmes as seen in the photo. With the festive season upon us, there are also special programmes available.


Listen- There are many audiobooks available, brilliant for when you’re travelling and when some quiet time is needed. Some are also not too long (6 minutes), making it ideal for younger siblings.


Create- Watch a video of how to make origami animals or how you could upcycle a bottle by turning it into a bear. A great option for children to get creative with videos to guide them. There is also an art area where you can draw pictures and save them.

An activity set up for 3 year old to create her own origami animal with the help of the videos available.


Play- Of course there are many games available with some great ones where children’s knowledge of letters and problem solving will be tested.


Share and Chat- Children are able to share pictures that they have created with friends and family and also exchange messages. All friends made using the app have to be approved by the adult who has signed up for the app which reinforces Azoomee’s mission of being Smart, Safe and Kind online.

I hadn’t heard of Azoomee before but I’m pleased that I have been introduced to an app that has so many things to choose from and is safe to use with no adverts. I have already told family about this app and Little One has enjoyed listening to stories and tried some of the games available.

To find out more about the app you can find out lots more on the Azoomee website.

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