Book review: My Bedroom by Rute Nieto Ferreira and illustrated by Jenny Bowers. 

My Bedroom by Rute Nieto Ferreira and illustrated by Jenny Bowers is a colourful read brilliant for young readers.

The book is based around a young girl who adores her bedroom. It is her own space for her to play, have fun with friends and to get creative.

The book is more an appreciation for space rather then a story itself. It gives an account of how difficult it can be leaving your bedroom when you are having so much fun playing, finding it magically tidy when you return from being out and being a space where you can be imaginative. The language used throughout the book is in keeping with its target audience and easily understood by preschoolers.

Each page is filled with so much detail and my eldest daughter, Little One, adores looking at each page so carefully. She too has her own bedroom and enjoys pointing out similarities between the nameless girls room and her own.

The illustrations completed by Jenny Bowers are so fun and vibrant using an array of colours. All the characters who feature in the book are drawn only in black and white standing out amongst the colourful palette used for everything else. I am particularly fond of the illustrations and the shadows included amongst them making the pictures more realistic.

The book is a happy read highlighting the joy that play and space can bring to a child. The book doesn’t conform to traditional parenting roles and when you witness the girl’s bedroom being tidied a male character is drawn who we thought perhaps was the father. Also, towards the end of the book you see the young girl affectionately hugging her mummy who Little One thought had returned from work.

Little One has repeatedly picked this book up herself to read. It is a joy to see her reading to herself (as well as a three year old can) and appreciate the illustrations. I also think it is a sign of a good book.

My Bedroom was published by Tower Block Books. A selective publishing house oozing with much talent.

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publishers however, all words and opinions are my own. 

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