Book review: Cat in a box by Jo Williamson.

Some time ago my family adopted a cat. Lola has since made lots of memories with us and she is such a loving, gentle cat.. The front cover of this book was so appealing and Little One instantly noticed how similar this cat is to Lola.

Just the other day we caught Lola napping in a box so this cover couldn’t be more true.
The book begins “I am a cat, and I have a busy, busy life. looking after my family is a full-time job. They just couldn’t do without me.” Jo Williamson begins the book with humour and Little One was certainly intrigued “We look after Lola” she responded. Indeed, so what’s different about this cat?


The story continues to chronicle the many responsibilities this cat takes on. From waking its family up to protecting the house by sitting by the window. This cats life is so busy. Let’s not forget the constant “cleaning” it does and the way it so politely brings “friends” (mice) to come and visit. The similarities are uncanny to our family cat and perhaps they aren’t so different after all. Perhaps it’s just humans needing to look at things from a different angle?

Little One found this a funny read and there were many a moments where she would say “Lola does that!” She’s also not the only one who enjoyed this read. Naana, my dad, enjoyed reading this too and chuckled a few times whilst reading it to Little One.

We enjoy Jo Williamson’s work after reading her book Messy Molly and this book did not disappoint. The illustrations in this book are true to Jo Williamson’s style using a limited palette but showing how colours can appear more striking with backgrounds of white and grey tones. .


This is a witty, charming read that allows you to see life through the eyes of this very busy  furry friend.



Disclaimer: I was sent this book from the publishers and Toppsta. All words and opinions are my own.

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