Book review: 15 things NOT to do with a baby by Margaret McAllister and illustrated by Holly Sterling. 

My girls and I love our visits to the library. Recently we came across this book, 15 things Not to do with a baby. The title made me chuckle and when I showed Little One she noticed the pink elephant and the cute looking baby. I had to agree. The front cover was just too scrumptious so on it went to our pile of books to borrow.


Baby is now 10 months and Little One is three and we continue to enjoy reading stories about having a baby in the family. This book begins “Congratulations! You now have a baby in your family. You will make each other very happy, but you must remember these simple rules.” An inviting warm message that reads as if it were made for any new older sibling.


15 Things not to do with a baby is a little different from other “new baby” books we’ve read as it is so funny. It combines the bizarre “Don’t” with everyday “Don’t” moments not to do with a baby.



The text is simple and the repetition of “Don’t” echoes through the book and perhaps a clever way for older siblings to avoid getting in tricky situations with a baby! But there are do’s too and the illustrations representing these are the type you “Aww” at.

Baby touching the girls face during a bedtime read.

Holly Sterling’s illustrations are a delight and the representation of a multiracial family are just lovely to see. The gorgeous brown skin tone, the dots for eyes and we just adore the cute facial expressions and the tight curly hair. Soo lovely.


I adore Margaret McAllister’s use of humour in this book. It is a well thought out read that invites children and older siblings to giggle at nonsensical scenarios but also gives a clear message of what a baby really needs. The book encourages much discussion and there is lots of detail to observe.

Now that Little One’s sister is becoming more adventurous, more mobile and more intrigued by big sisters toys and delights, this was a lovely read for her to be reminded that Baby is a baby and enjoys cuddles and love just as much as she does.

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