Review: Wooden bed guard/rail by BabyDan

 I wanted to purchase a single bed for my daughter however, I was aware that this would be a lot bigger then her original cotbed. Purchasing a bed guard seemed the sensible option to ensure my daughter would be safe and not fall out of the bed.

There are many bed guards on the market, including ones with rails and some with a mesh fabric. Each bed guard also has different dimensions and are made from different materials including wood and metal.

I was keen to purchase something sturdy and that was in keeping with the wooden single bed that I had chosen for my daughter. I also, ideally wanted the wood to have been painted white.

I opted for the BabyDan Wooden Bed Guard in white, as shown in the picture below.

wooden bed guardThis white, wooden bed guard ticked many boxes but the real test would be when I received it at home. I purchased this from Amazon.

 Although, the price tag may seem higher then other bed rails it is made of solid wood and had positive reviews to match.

My initial impression were positives. It seemed sturdy, well made and complete with clear instructions. The width of the bed guard is 90cm which suited where I wanted to place the guard.

The bed guard easily attaches to one side of the bed and you do not require any tools to assemble it. The guard is made of two parts, one which is the rails, protecting your child from any roll outs and the other part which slides under the mattress.

The bed guard is so secure and it is really well made. The beauty of this bed guard is that the rail part is detachable so if you needed to change the bed sheets or preferred not to have the guard on during the day it comes off easily. There is a button on either side of the guard (this is the grey part in the photo) and you just click the button and it’s off.

This bed guard is attractive, functional, has a detachable feature, available in white and natural wood colour and is very sturdy.

bed guard
Babydan bed guard attached on to my daughters bed.

This particular guard is available online at many stores including, Tesco Direct, John Lewis and Amazon.

I would highly recommend this bed guard.

(All opinions are my own and I did not collaborate with BabyDan however the post contains affiliate links.)


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