Book review: My best ever pop up Space book

My Best Ever Pop up Space book

This was a brilliant library find that got Little One asking all sorts of questions about space.

My Best Ever Pop up Space book is published by DK books who produce fantastic non-fiction picture books for children. The book is hardback and is a brilliant introduction to Space and non-fiction. The text used is simple and concise for young children to understand and there is so much to observe and look at on each page.

The pop up surprises really do add a ‘wow’ factor and will be sure to keep your little ones wanting to read more.

The book also has a rocket sound button which belongs to the robots who give thought-provoking statements on each page. A great book which positively caters for all type of learners.

Little One really enjoys this book.

I completed activities with Little One about Space which can be found here.


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