Picture books exploring the love of parents, grandparents and family.

There are many significant days that are celebrated in the UK including Mothering Sunday, Valentines Day and Father’s Day.

All of these of course have something in common, love. 

Whilst these days may be big celebrations in many homes, I think it’s always lovely to have access to such reads celebrating love all year round.

Love Grows Everywhere by written Barry Timms, illustrated by Tisha Lee.

Love grows everywhere book review

This gorgeous read follows a family of gardening enthusiasts. Just as we would nurture a plant, love too can be something so beautiful when we nourish it with respect, care and kindness. Ad-pr product.

The gentle rhythmic text by Barry Timms makes this an appealing read aloud complete with rich and vibrant illustrations by Tisha Lee. It’s fabulous to see gardeners of colour represented in this book. From the pink-tastic endpapers, swipe across to see, to the joy a growing plant can bring, this is such a lovely book for shared and cosy reading time.

The book is filled with ideas on how love indeed does make the world a happier place to be. We each have so much love to give and though sometimes it can take time, it can certainly bloom into something wonderful.

Zeki Loves Mummy written by Anne McQuinn and illustrated by Ruth Hearson.

Zeki loves mummy book review

Zeki is so well loved in our home and ever since my youngest has been introduced to this book he’s always enjoyed it. In fact he used to flood Zeki with many kisses.

Readers can join Zeki as he spends a very busy day with mummy. They do lots of fun things including exercising together, painting and enjoying all the cuddles.

The book is written by Anna McQuinn, exploring first experiences and a precious bond. The artwork is utterly adorable by Ruth Hearson and the precious moments it captures are completed beautifully.

The size of the book is perfect for ickle hands. Slightly smaller then previous Zeki books as this is a new format. Though it isn’t a board book format the card pages have been able to withstands many a robust hand slap and occasional nibble and drool.

That’s My Daddy by Ruth Redford and illustrated by Dan Taylor.

That’s my daddy book review

A fab fun read celebrating many dads. The book is aspiring, it shares positive male role models from all backgrounds. It shares happy times of fathers and children playing games and being silly because play is important and time together of course is precious. The book shares various job roles, from spaceman to magician. It shares the everyday, washing up, cooking, bedtime routine and along the way it asks many questions making it an all round great interactive read. This is a great one for many a bookshelf.

Love is written by Lily Murray and illustrated by Sarah Maycock.

Love is by Sarah maycock

This is such a beautiful and captivating read. A book that would make a lovely gift for young and older recipients, one I’m sure my grandma would have loved.

Coupled with the exquisite artwork by Sarah Maycock and the descriptive and poetic writing from Lily Murray, this book explores love uniquely with the help of the animal kingdom.

There are various forms of love observed here, from the bold and loud to the quieter, gentler forms, but by no means of less importance. Some readers will be able to relate to the loves that are not forgotten, loves that they may be excited to meet as well as the strong bonds of love between close friends and family members.

Swipe across to see more of the book, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a great one to make note of for future gifting and of course a sweet one to cosy up with your loves.

You Complete Me by Thomas Elliot

You complete me book review on mammafilz.com

We absolutely love this adorable, bright and cheerful board book and I think it would make such a sweet gift. Look at those illustrations through. Soo cute.

Readers will enjoy completing foody pairs complete with food puns galore. There are die cut details and raised, traceable shapes for little hands to explore and the book ultimately is a hug in a book. You Complete Me, so gorgeous and a beautiful message to share for significant days and beyond.

Like The Moon Loves The Sky by Hena Khan and illustrated by Saffa Khan.

This is such a beautiful book based on a parents unconditional love and what they aspire and hope for their child.

The book shares a universal message but for my family and I it also celebrates our heritage and faith with the lyrical text inspired by words in the Quran. Each page opens with the word in sha Allah meaning God willing and follows with gentle, rhythmic, lyrical text.

“InshaAllah you are kind to those most in need. InshaAllah you seek knowledge, reflect, and read.”

The words alongside the vibrant illustrations share scenes of a Muslim family completing things that many readers will be able to relate to. As the story progresses readers will observe the child growing from a little baby to a young child. Scenes of the girl playing, swimming, reading, celebrating a birthday and tender family moments are shared brilliantly in richly coloured illustrations.

The book would make a lovely gift for new parents.

This Love by Isabel Otter and illustrated by Harriet Lynas.

Cover shot of This Love with rainbow and cloud background. MammaFilz.com

Love is a special language that’s understood by all. This wonderfully diverse picture book is an absolute treasure. The book is a heart warming read that celebrates the varying relationships children have with special people in their lives. The rainbow die cut on the front cover reveals different scenes from around the world showing how love is expressed. From dancing amongst water fountains to learning to ride a bike with dad by your side. The love displayed is from a child’s perspective making it such a beautiful read.  It is wonderful to see many families and children from around the world being represented in this book. The illustrations are a treat and can’t help but make you smile. Love can indeed unite us all and this is a wonderful book to enjoy sharing such a message.

What Matters Most by Emma Dodd.

Front cover of What Matters Most mammafilz.com

When my eldest daughter was a few weeks old I distinctively recall buying some of Emma Dodd’s books. Her work is so emotive and the books we have at home are now enjoyed by my youngest daughter also. Her latest book, What Matters Most doesn’t disappoint. The book explores identity. It encourages readers to think about the simple pleasures and shares that being yourself is key. It is such an emotive read with delightful illustrations complete with shiny foiled parts too and a book that will appreciated by young and older readers.

Held in Love by Dawn Casey and illustrated by Oamul Lu.

Held in love front cover MammaFilz.com

Held in Love is a wonderfully moving read. The artwork captures such tender moments and the book would make a wonderful gift for a new parent.

A mother holds her baby, sharing her thoughts, her prayers. She shares that she wants baby to be able to work and play, that if tears flow, calm and peace will follow. She wants baby to know that amongst all the highs and lows baby is held in love.

The message is so touching and beautiful and I’m sure one many of us can relate too. The responsibility of being a parent is not an easy one but we of course want our children to know that whatever they are faced with, there will always be love to see them through.




When I was a child by Andy Stanton and illustrated by David Litchfield.

When I was a child book cover shot MammaFilz.com

This gorgeously illustrated read is enchanting. Emily and her grandma share a beautiful relationship and one day grandma explains the joy she experienced, when I was a child. Emily wants her grandma to see that the joy doesn’t stop there and takes grandma on a journey of wonder, highlighting to grandma that the world is still enchanting and there is so much more joy to be appreciated. It’s wonderful to see the love and wise words Emily gives to her grandma. As the story progresses the illustrations become more intensely magical where readers enter a world of sheer beauty and appreciation for all around. Andy Stanton and David Litchfield make a fine duo and this book is just stunning. This is wonderful read sharing love between two different generations.

The Kiss by Linda Sunderland and illustrated by Jessica Courtney-Tickle.

The Kiss book cover MammaFilz.com

Unbeknown to dear Edwyn, he starts a magical chain of kindness in his community and beyond by blowing a kiss to his grandma. This magical kiss causes quite a stir and uplifts so many peoples days. It also attracts the attention of a rich, hard hearted man who observes how magical this kiss is but wants to reap the benefits of the magic all to himself. Little does he know that this kiss is not only magical but rather clever too. The story reminds me of the saying sprinkle kindness like confetti. The book represents that kindness can be something as small as a kiss, a smile, a hug but such actions can have a real positive impact on a persons day. The diverse illustrations throughout the book are wonderful and we appreciate the shiny gold sprinkling of the kiss working its magic. A lovely book to share


When I’m a Mummy Like you! By David O’Connell and illustrated by Francesca Gambatesa.

Cover shot of When I’m a mummy like you! MammaFilz.com

This brilliantly presented read is heartwarming and real and it is so relatable. A young girl wants to be just like her mummy. She celebrates all the wonderful things her mummy can do, big and small and sees mummy as a great role model for motherhood. Often with picture books cheering motherhood on are a sweet gesture to mummy’s everywhere but this read is different. David O’Connell has completed a read where the mother and child are having a conversation with each other, where each double page spread is dedicated to the thoughts of one of them and where replies mummy gives are thoughtful but realistic. Complete with Francesca Gambatesa’s illustrations which are cheery, engaging and in keeping with its young audience, this book is a lovely one for cosy reading time.

Disclaimer: I received these books from publishers and illustrators and chose to include them in this piece myself. All opinions shared are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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