Book review: Leo and the octopus by Isabelle Marinov and illustrated by Chris Nixon.

A story exploring Asperger’s Syndrome.

Leo and the octopus book review

Leo, the young boy pictured on the cover, states “I must be on the wrong planet.” He finds it tricky to process things outside of the comfort of his home. He can’t understand many people and feels they are unable to understand him.

But then one day he makes a connection with Maya.
Maya isn’t a person but in fact an octopus.
When Leo creates that connection with Maya you witness him as a character become more content, happy and a little more confident. He gains support from the octopus keeper and further his understanding of octopus by completing research.

Leo becomes protective of Maya and there is an understanding of emotions there. Her ability to change colour is certainly her super power but also a way of Leo understanding how she feels so much more clearly.

The book is an engaging read, highlighting the importance of reading for empathy but also one where some children will be able to see themselves.

Isabelle Marinov has created a lovely book which she writes from personal experience, honouring her son.

The brilliant artwork by Chris Nixon uses a gorgeous palette of colours and the double page spreads are complete with beautiful sectioned details with clean white backdrops amongst them.
The book is out now and I feel it’s a must have for all libraries.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher. This post contains affiliate links.

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