Book review: The Perfect Shelter by Clare Helen Welsh and illustrated by Asa Gilland.

The perfect shelter by Welsh

A beautifully illustrated read exploring a loved one with a serious illness.
The name of the illness is never stated but author Clare Helen Welsh wrote this story for her children when a relative was diagnosed with cancer. As it is #WorldCancerDay, this could be a book that may help someone you know.

The two sisters of mixed heritage have a loving and caring relationship. Together on the perfect day they build a shelter. A shelter which signifies safety, strength and comfort but also is representative of the illness. As readers we are going to discover the older sister is to become ill.

Though it doesn’t look like the older sister is poorly something just isn’t right. The weather changes and the shelter requires mending, at the same time the older sister requires an operation.

The perfect shelter

As the story progresses we discover all the emotions the younger sister experiences. She adores her older sister, she is sad, but she is frustrated, she questions why it is her sister that is ill and she is frightened.

The strong shelter once in the garden can’t withstand the bad weather and the young girl just wants her sister to get better.
As time goes on we see a brighter older sister wearing a head wrap and illustrated beautifully alongside her younger sister in the hospital. She is stronger and she has a wonderful idea to create a new place of comfort, of safety, with her family by her side a new shelter is made.

The perfect shelter by Welsh

The wonderful artwork of Asa Gilland completes this book so beautifully. From the delightful front cover, floral endpapers and double page spreads filled with much details and expression, are all just so lovely and uplifting.
Clare Helen Welsh has written this book so thoughtfully with a great amount of care. For young and older readers this could be a book that helps in unravelling all the mix of emotions during a difficult time.

Disclaimer: The publisher sent us a copy of the book for the purpose of review. All words and opinions are my own. The post contains affiliate links.

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