Book review: All about Eid by Sarah Shaffi and illustrated by Aaliya Jaleel.

Welcome to my latest blog piece which is all about a newly released activity book All About Eid.

That feeling of not being able to find books when I was younger on the festivals we celebrated as a family was always so disappointing. The most you would get would be a page in a non fiction book telling me facts I already knew. Never did I come across a fun, activity based book like this one but now my little ones can indulge in this lovely book.

All about Eid Sarah Shaffi

You can only imagine my excitement when I first saw this book and earlier this month it was published.
It is so lovely to have so many resources in one book. With there still being limited books published on this theme I’ve often relied heavily on resources I’ve found on the internet but this book is a great one for … everybody! It would be a fabulous resource to refer to in learning settings also.

All about Eid by Sarah Shaffi

The book includes activities, factual information, recipes and arts and crafts for children and the family to complete. There are also sections for readers to fill out, to reflect on celebrations or to complete as you wish.

All about Eid by Sarah Shaffi

The illustrations included in the book are warm and engaging and individuals included in the book represent Muslims from all over the world.

All about Eid by Sarah Shaffi

A huge congratulations to #ownvoices author and illustrator, Sarah Shaffi and Aaliya Jaleel and publisher Scholastic. I’m sure many, like myself will be smiling about this book.
This year ramadan will commence in April followed by Eid al Fitr celebrations in May.
Eid al Adha will follow in July.

Disclaimer: purchased this book myself.

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