Book review: The robin and the reindeer by Rosa Bailey and illustrated by Carmen Saldana

The robin and the reindeer.

A gorgeously presented chapter book perfect for cosy reading time. The robin and the reindeer is written by Rosa Bailey and illustrated by Carmen Saldana, published by Hodder books.
This heat warming read takes readers outdoors where they witness a young reindeer get lost from its herd. Amongst the beautiful snow filled scenes you have contrasting dark scenes which I’m sure will inspire many an art project.

After the young reindeer gets lost she recalls things mummy reindeer has shared. She is resourceful but worried, will she ever be reunited with her family? Little Reindeer observes everything around her so closely and allows readers to see the world through her eyes. Thankfully a helping hand comes her way, small, utterly adorable and who is a touch of red.. a rather kind robin.

The robin and the reindeer book review

Together the robin and Little Reindeer form a trusting friendship. The reindeers young and playful side comes across in sweet moments shared, looking at her reflection in the frozen lake, making hoove prints in the snow and her reaction to her antlers growing, “I’m becoming a real reindeer.”
What follows is magical and full of love.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher. All words and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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