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Welcome to my latest blog post. In this post I will be sharing activity and sticker books that children can complete, perhaps for some quiet time? If you are looking for activity books for children under 4 I would suggest you read a previous blog post of mine Bookish and More: Books and activities for children when on the go.

Nature Activity Book by Alain Gree

Nature activity picture book on

Keep little ones busy with this super nature activity book. We absolutely love it. As well as the fun activities you would expect in an activity book, dot to dot, wordsearches, spot the difference, the book includes various seasonal, garden, seaside, nature themed activities and there are lots of stickers.

Some of our favourites include ordering the stages of apples growing on an apple tree, as we have an apple tree in the garden, identifying flowers, growing cress using an egg shell and then completing a character to hold the egg in and the fun learning woven within in. So much fun.

Nature activity book on

Don’t you just love the vintage feeling illustrations? They remind me of books I read when I was little and my girls love how unique they are in comparison to other activity books they have. A lovely activity book and you may well be pleased to know that there is animal activity book available too.

The Magical Underwater Activity Book by Mia Underwood

The magical underwater activity book

Dive in and enjoy this spectacular, magical, underwater activity book.

The book is filled with a variety of activities, including paper crafts, story writing, words searches, number games and more. Readers are introduced to many underwater creatures and along the way they will discover that this beautiful magical place is in danger of plastic pollution.

The magical underwater activity book on

There are over 150 stickers to use alongside activities and I’m sure you’ll agree the illustrations through our are pretty special. Such a beautifully presented activity book.

Sticker, Shape, Draw Things That Go by Hannah Doyle, Kate Haynes and illustrated by a Charlotte Farmer.

 Sticker, Shape, Draw Things That Go by Hannah Doyle, Kate Haynes and illustrated by a Charlotte Farmer.

This is a fantastic art activity book based on all things that go.

With the use of colourful shape stickers young artists need to complete the scenes in the book by following the instructions to create various vehicles such as diggers, jet planes, sailboats and more.

Things that go sticker book on

This is a great activity that practises skills such as hand eye coordination. Children will also be able to see how various vehicles can be put together using common shapes and in turn it may give them confidence when drawing these vehicles themselves in later arty creations. Shapes and their properties could be further explored and each scene could have more detail added to it using coloured pencils and the like. There are also some “Extra” stickers at the back which they could use too.

There is a sister book too, Sticker, Shape Draw: On The Farm.

Etch Art Enchanted Garden

Etch art enchanted garden on

Etch art can be such a great quiet, calming activity that encourages mindfulness. Young and older artists can complete a different form of art using a stylus to discover beautiful scenes in this gorgeous book. The book is presented in a board book format and would be a great pick to take whilst travelling or perhaps to accompany a visit to a magical garden. The illustrations are wonderful and set against the black back ground just pop.

Etch art enchanted garden on


Beano Christmas Jumper Activity Book

I know this may not be in season but it’s a really fun activity book and I’m a firm believer that reading doesn’t just have to be fictional and non-fiction books but can expand into other areas like activity books. Featuring Beano and his friends, young readers can complete sticker activities, word searches, design their own Christmas jumper and more. Published by Studio Press, the publishers supported Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day, supporting children with the best possible start in life. I would recommend this activity book for 5 years old up.


Available to buy from Amazon – click the image below:

Rusty Rivets: Turbo Mode: Sticker Activity Book

This exciting new activity book features popular characters and scenes from the successful preschool programme Rusty Rivets, shown on the Nickelodeon channel. This 16 page activity book has a range of sticker activities, build it bingo games, dot to dot activities and more. I would recommend this book for 4 years old and up.


Available to buy from Amazon – click on the image below:

Toca Life: Holiday!: Super Sticker Book

Perhaps you’re planning a holiday this festive season or perhaps dreaming of a holiday? If you are this sticker book activity would be a great one to accompany young ones on a journey and to complete at home with the help of Toca and friends. With over 500 stickers included Toca and friends, from Toca Life apps, have lots of fun waiting for you. Complete holiday scenes with stickers, complete challenges and more using the brilliantly illustrated stickers. I would recommend this for 3 years old and up.


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Fuzzy Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Creatures: Touch and Feel Coloring In and Fuzzy Animals: Touch and Feel Coloring In (Touch & Feel Coloring in)

These fantastic colouring books are amazing! Not only can you colour in different animals or dinosaurs the pages are tactile happy with lots of touch and feel parts. Each double page also informs readers of different facts related to the animals children can colour in on the opposite page. With the animals being textured it also means children will hopefully not get as frustrated if they colour outside of the line as the felt helps avoid that. Brilliant. I would recommend this for 4 years old and up.


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A bundle of fun  activity books that I am sure would be happily received.

My girls love using paint sticks, felt tip pens and colouring pencils when completing activity books and for craft fun. Here are some we love which you can order through Amazon by clicking on the image.
Fantastic, mess free paint sticks that come in a range of thickness ideal for small and larger hands from Little Brian. We love these.

Crayola Easy Grip pencils are brilliant for small hands.

We love the Stabilo Cappi range which can all be attached to a plastic key ring and great for on the go.

Disclaimer-We received these books from the publishers however, all words and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.


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