Book review: If all the world were…by Joseph Coelho and illustrated by Allison Colpoys

A picture book about loss.

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If All The World Were… is a gorgeously illustrated read tackling the subject of death in a sensitive way using poignant and lyrical text. I’ll not deny it makes me feel teary but I’m so grateful that such books exist for our young and older readers.

Book review If all the world were by Joseph Coelho on
The book is written in first person narrative, a young girl celebrating moments between her and her grandfather. She touches on the tender times they would hold hands, the special gifts that Grandad would buy his precious girl and the fun they would have during the different seasons.

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The captivating illustrations don’t shy away from the sadness but they are uplifting also. They emphasise the gift of time, of making memories and the little joys between two people who have so much love for each other.

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Eventually readers see grandads arm chair empty. His glasses perched on the armrest and the young girl with sadness on her face accompanied by tears rolling down. But there, in grandads room is a gift, a lovingly made book complete with the girls name on, waiting to be filled…

This is such a touching read, first published a couple of years ago now but one that will continue to be a great resource to celebrate life and hopefully open up discussions around loss.

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