Ocean themed picture books for 0-5 year olds.

Explore the ocean with these wonderful reads. I’ve collected a bundle of board books and interactive reads perfect for babies to 5 year olds. From first concept books to pop up books, they are all included in this piece and along the way readers will learn all about the ocean and the various animals that call it home.

Peek a baby Ocean by Mike Orodan.

Board book on ocean on mammafilz.com

With large lift the flaps and cleverly designed layered pages this is a very sweet board book indeed. The selective use of colours makes the read not too overwhelming and is fantastic for the youngest of readers developing vision.

Ocean board book on mammafilz.com

Along the way readers can learn of different water creatures and enjoy the rhyming text when the book is read aloud. This could be a lovely book to accompany whilst out and about. All preschool peekaboo fans I’m sure will enjoy this book searching for various animal babies.

Colour Me Who’s In the ocean by Surya Sajnani.

A super duper bath book. The gorgeous illustrations need some colour and I’m sure many little readers will delight in seeing the pages transform as water is dabbed onto them.

It is a bath book but could be used out of the bath too of course with a little water and paintbrush or in a water tray.

This would be a great book to gift.

Usborne Little Lift and look under the sea by Anna Milbourne and illustrated by Mariana Ruiz Johnson.

Usborne little loft and look under the sea book review on mammafilz.com

This small, colourful read is an adorable book for babies 9 months and up to explore. It is the perfect size book for baby readers, complete with peep hole parts and flaps to lift.

Readers meet a young turtle who explores under the sea, finding various creatures under the flaps illustrated as seaweed, sea grass and anemones. The small and lightweight size of the book makes a great pick to pack amongst items in a baby bag and all the while introduces readers to under the sea. Very sweet.

 Under the Ocean illustrated by Nancy Bevington

Under the ocean board book on mammafilz.com

Under the ocean is a great first concept board book exploring the many creatures found under the ocean.

The illustrations are bold and all clearly labelled for young readers to build upon their vocabulary. From eels to lionfish, jellyfish to whales, they can all be found in this small, study board book.

Toward the end of the book there is also a search and find game, encouraging readers to look back through the book and find different creatures. Other books in this early readers book includes On the Farm, On the beach and In the forest.

Sounds of Nature World of Oceans by Robert Hunter

This wonderful book is a real feast for the eyes and it include sounds of various animals.

Each double page spread is dedicated to various oceans including the Pacific Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Great Barrier Reef In Australia and more. There is detailed information about animals that call that Ocean their home as well as a sound button. There are a total of 60 separate animal sounds!

The final pages briefly touch upon the importance of our waters, explaining that oceans hold almost all the water on Earth, approximately 96.5%. There are also additional sound buttons sharing the sounds that can be heard in different water areas such as in rockpools, the deep sea, swamps and more. A superb book that would make a wonderful gift.

This is crab by Harriet Evan and illustrated by Jacqui Lee.


A fun, interactive read brilliant for 3 year olds and up. Readers can assist Crab with what turns out to be an exciting day of adventure fun.

This is crab on mammafilz.com

Readers are encouraged to join in with Crab as he explores the ocean floor. Can readers help him by shaking, tickling and rubbing the pages? Lots of interactive fun.

I’m sure this would prove very popular in a large shared story time and equally a great one for just before bedtime. As well as being entertaining there’s also some learning fun included about this friendly Crab.

With bright cheery illustrations, large flaps and paper cut work surprises this is a very engaging read indeed.

Deep in the ocean by Lucie Brunelliere.

Deep in the ocean by lucie beunelliere on mammafilz.com

This large board book is an absolute treat taking readers on a journey of discovery. Unlike the other books shared in this piece this explores all the delights a scientific team come across while abroad their submarine.

The narrative incorporates the names of various creatures combined with stunning spreads using only six colours of ink. Readers will observe the colour tones of each turn of page changing from particularly dark tones to more watery blue tones, just as if you are exploring with the scientists. There is also a free downloadable soundtrack (details on the back cover) to fully immerse readers with the underwater experience. Super!

 Usborne Look Inside Seas and Oceans by Megan Cullis and illustrated by Bao Luu.

 Book review Usborne look inside seas and oceans

This is a board book bursting with information and lift the flaps of various sizes.

The book begins with an illustration of the world map, explaining that almost three quarters of the world are made up of seas and oceans. It then continues to share information about the rocky reef, the frozen ocean, flooded forest and more. The section towards the end of the book on birds of the sea is also brilliant.

Book review look inside seas and ocean on mammafilz.com

Though this book is a board book format, there is a lot of text so I would recommend for 3 year olds and up. It would be a great read for reluctant reads as it combines fabulous illustrations with small amounts of text. The book can easily be dipped in and out of and would be a great one to accompany whilst out an about, particularly when travelling.



 Let’s find the mermaid illustrated by Alex Wilmore and written by Little Tiger Press

Let’s find the mermaid board book on mammafilz.com

The youngest of readers will delight in this colourful, tactile read. Mermaid is hiding but can readers assist in finding her?

Let’s find the mermaid board book on mammafilz.com

Various creatures playing under the sea can be spotted on each page. The book is a fun hide and seek game with lift the flaps made of felt exciting readers in what they may reveal. Along the way young readers are learning about various aquatic animals while immersed in an engaging and interactive read.

The book is light but sturdy and there are others in the series too.

Into The Ocean by Laura Baker and illustrated by Nadia Taylor.


Readers will delight in accompanying Turtle on his game of hide and seek. As you turn each page of this gorgeous board book, young readers discover different sea creatures whilst Turtle plays in his habitat.

Book review for ocean board book on mammafilz.com

The book is designed with layered pages that gradually increase in size and there are many raised and shiny parts added within the illustrations, making it a lovely sensory fun read. The question prompts and rhyming text make it an interactive read for preschoolers and a great book to accompany small world play.

Flip Flap Snap! Ocean By Carmen Saldana


Jaw dropping! Flip Flap Snap Ocean illustrated is a fun non-fiction toothy read featuring different ocean creatures. Flip flap snap ocean book review on mammafilz.com

Change the features of the animals and enjoy the concise rhyming facts on each page which are hidden under sturdy lift the flaps. The bright illustrations and fun format are sure to encourage name changing fun and lots of giggles.


Count with little fish by Lucy Cousins


The board book from Lucy Cousins doesn’t disappoint, exploring numbers 1-10 using colourful fish throughout. My three year old has borrowed this book from the library many times.

Lucy cousins board book on mammafilz.com

The simple rhyme and bold numbers makes this a lovely board book for babies and up. I spotted online that there is another like this but based on colours.

Curious Kids Sea and Shore by Christiane Engel

Sea and shore book review on mammafilz.com

Pop up-tastic non fiction. This inviting read gripping with facts, pop ups and fab illustrations. Part of the Curious Kids series, this read is created in a sturdy board book format and would be a lovely one to accompany outdoor trips.

Sea and shore book review on mammafilz.com

My girls think this book is pretty great and the other in the series, Bugs and Mini beasts is brilliant to.

The book explores jellyfish, seahorses, turtles and more. The presentation of the book complete with the pop ups, brings the sea creature to life, which entices my 3 year to explore further and the bite size chunks of text are great for early readers like my 5 year old.

Ultimate Earth Oceans and seas by Miranda Baker and illustrated by Gareth Lucas.

Ultimate Earth oceans and seas book review on mammafilz.com

What’s absolutely brilliant about this book is that it is full of surprises. What first may appear as a standard double page spread of aquatic life, readers then discover large flaps that unfold up, sideways and down, unearthing more tremendous facts and illustrations.

Unlike other books on ocean and sea life this book is organised in categories, focussing on varying animals. Speedy Swimmers, Giants of the Deep and Disguise and Display are some examples of how the book is organised. Such a fabulous idea.

The book also explores the problems occurring in our oceans, explaining to readers how oceans are under threat as a result of climate change and other factors.

A brilliant book that I would highly recommend for 4 year olds and up.

I do hope you’ve enjoyed reading about these brilliant reads.

Disclaimer: Many of the books received in this post were received from the publisher. However, I chose to include them in this piece. This post contains affiliate links.

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