Book review: In The Garden by Emma Giuliani

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In the Garden is an absolutely fantastic book and I am so excited to be sharing it here on my blog.

In the garden book review on

When I first started teaching I loved seeing the classic picture books in a larger book format and this book reminds me of that joy. Measuring at 16 inches tall this book will stand out on many a bookshelf and is one that many readers will enjoy poring over.

In the garden book review on

Plum and her brother Robin are budding gardeners showing readers how their garden transforms season to season. As well as sharing lots of information and tips, the book is interactive through its use of flaps and hidden treasures. Readers can discover peas inside a pea pod, take a closer look at what’s inside a bud, see what tools are kept inside the siblings shed and more.

In the garden book review on

The book discusses each season well, sharing how you can identify that season and then immerses readers into a world of nature happiness.

In the garden book review on

This book would be a great resource for a learning setting presenting lots of information in a fun and interactive way.

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