Bookish Gift: The Bug Collector by Alex G Griffiths and Stamp Bugs.

Welcome to my latest blog piece. When gifting presents I often choose books for children and adults but sometimes I come across things that make a great pairing with the book i’m gifting. I thought it would be great to share these ideas so I shall be calling these blog pieces, Bookish Gift.   

The Bug Collector by Alex Griffiths book review and Stamp Bugs review

In this blog piece I am sharing a brilliant picture book written and illustrated by Alex G Griffiths and published by Andersen Press. Alongside this book I have found a super stamp set which makes the perfect Bookish Gift.

The Bug Collector book review by Alex G Griffiths

The Bug Collector is a debut picture book from Alex G Griffiths and as well as being an enjoyable read, the book shares an important message regarding the importance of living creatures and how they support the ecosystem.

THe bug Collector book review

George is a young boy who looks forward to spending time with his grandfather each Sunday. In this story readers witness George visiting The Museum of Wildlife and what a great time he has. George meets a variety of animals at the museum including a section dedicated to various insects which are framed and displayed for everyone to see. In some ways as much as we should look after living creatures it might seem strange for young ones when they see animals displayed in such a way. For George it excites him to be a Bug Collector.

The Bug Collector by Alex G Griffiths

George’s eyes are open to the beauty of the outdoors after his day out with his grandfather and he enjoys exploring his own garden for all things bugs and even makes his own collection. However, his collection is changing the outdoors and it takes his grandfather to gently explain to him that what he observes outdoors must stay there. The book cleverly incorporates facts about bugs at this point in the story, highlighting many jobs that bugs do to support the outside world.

With scrumptious illustrations a plenty and a story with a great message this would be an absolute treat in all libraries.

Stamp Bugs 

stamp bigs review on

Barbara Dziadosz has created a wonderful Stamp Bug set which will have many, young and older, having lots of stamping fun. In each sturdy box there are a set of 25 good quality wooden handled stamps representing a bugs body part. The stamps would be a great gift but equally a great resource to use when learning about bugs. There are two inkpad colours also included in the pack and I think the set is rather fab.

stamp bugs review on


Disclaimer: I received the book and stamp set from the publisher for the purpose of review. All words and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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