Book review: You Are My Friend by Aimee Reid and illustrated by Matt Phelan.

You are my friend book review on

You Are My Friend is based on the well loved personality Mister Rogers from across the pond. This year also sees the release of a film where Tom Hanks plays Mister Rogers.

You are my friend book review on

Perhaps less known in the U.K. Fred Rogers lead the series of Mister Rogers Neighbourhood and this book shares how it came to be. Though the book is fictional it draws on information from various sources and the book is a heartwarming read.

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Readers discover more about Fred Rogers as a child, sharing the difficulties he had as a child with illness, making friends and with his emotions. The book brilliantly weaves in advice to readers in a clever way, sharing tips on making friends and explores feelings.

Book review of You are my friend on

The aim for the television programme was to share compassion and kindness and its success has proved so however, Rogers was always true to himself and viewers admired the positive role model he was. The story also reiterates the beautiful message that Rogers shared “There’s no person in the world like you and I like you just the way you are.”

Book review of You are my friend on

In addition to the story, the inclusive, gentle illustrations are a treat and there is also a short biography of Roger’s life and notes from the author and illustrator.

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