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Welcome December! This piece is dedicated to super picture books embracing Christmas. As the piece gets updated do hop over to previous posts I’ve done which are dedicated to Christmas reads, Christmas picture books 2018 and Christmas picture books 2017.

Oliver Elephant by Lou Peacock and illustrated by Helen Stephens

Olive elephant Lou peacock and Helen Stephens book review

Brimming with lovely illustrations and the perfect book for snuggly reading time. Oliver Elephant is such a lovely book, one of my favourites in fact.

Noah, his mum and little sister head out to complete their present buying for family and friends. Noah’s mum is armed with a list and Noah takes along his favourite toy, Elephant. Everything is going so well, Mum even manages to squeeze in a warm drink and cake for everyone but then they discover Elephant is missing. Will Noah and Elephant be reunited?

Oliver elephant by Lou peacock and Helen Stephens book review

From the scrumptious illustrations to the brilliantly competed rhythmic text, this book is such a fun read aloud. There is so much warmth in the talented artwork which I absolutely love.

Santa‘s Christmas Handbook.

Santa’s Christmas handbook

An interactive read with a big dollop of magic.

This is a fun read and I guarantee many young and older readers will love it.

Complete with moveable parts, lift the flaps, games to play and many a fact shared, this is a treat of a book. Written by elves this is a handy guide for Santa, who we discover is accident prone.

Santa’s Christmas handbook

Were you aware of sleigh regulations? Where does Santa store snacks for him and the reindeer in his sleigh? Have you heard about the “SantaNav?” And what about “tinsellitis?” Santa best not forget the first aid kit.

Amongst the varied style of illustrations competed by a whole host of illustrators, Richard Johnson, Maggie Kneen, Sandy Nightingale, Mike Philips and Tim Hutchinson this is created brilliantly.

Christopher Edge, has written an entertaining read but also whether readers believe Santa is real or not, it encourages imaginative thinking, which is an aspect of the book I think is great.

Grandpa Christmas by Michael Morpurgo and illustrated by Jim Field.

Grandpa Christmas book review on

I love a book that features a grandparent as a main character and oh this book. It is so gorgeously written and continued to surprise me the more I read it.

Grandpa Christmas picture book review on

The young girl pictured on the front cover is Mia and she is walking with her grandpa. When Mia was very young her grandpa wrote a letter to Mia and it is just so lovely. As well as the letter recalling wonderful memories between Mia and her grandpa, he goes at great lengths to make her granddaughter understand that we also need to look after our planet earth.

Picture book review of grandpa Christmas on

Wonderfully written and brilliantly illustrated this is such a touching read but also a thought provoking one too.

The letter that Mia once received forms a tradition of being read out each Christmas and as readers we get to be part of that tradition too.

Christmas is Coming! An Advent Book illustrated by Kate Hickey.

Christmas is coming! An advent book book review on

This book is so gorgeous and fabulous. It is such a useful read, not only for Christmas but also for the pending school holidays.

Kate Hickey’s Christmas picture book review on

The front cover is an advent calendar! It has flaps to open revealing an activity to complete. There is such a range of activities to do with your little ones including baking, singing, crafting and has stories to share. The various activities will appeal to many ages too.

Christmas Picture book review on

The book is presented so sweetly and the illustrations are utterly adorable. Such a lovely book and keep sake that could be part of a yearly tradition.

My Naughty Little Sister and Father Christmas by Dorothy Edwards and illustrated by Shirley Hughes.

Book review of My Naughty Little Sister on blog

Celebrating a super dream team, Dorothy Edwards and Shirley Hughes. As a child I adored reading all of the naughty little sister books. I think I was more excited about this book then my girls and you know as I child I recall thinking ooh this girl is fun and mischievous but reading this new edition of the story I realise she’s really just sharing her anxieties at times.

My naughty little sister and Father Christmas book review on

In the book readers will witness how excited the naughty little sister is about Christmas, like many children are really. However, there is one thing she doesn’t quite like and that’s Father Christmas. Readers observe that she actually gets to meet him as he visits her school, but does all go to plan?

My naughty little sister book review on

Complete with Shirley Hughes joyous illustrations, which I absolutely love, this book is sure to have older readers reminiscing and younger readers very intrigued by the naughty little sister.

Leah’s Star by Margaret Bateson-Hill and illustrated by Karin Littlewood.

Leah’s Star book review on

Leah’s Star, would be a great one to share for children to understand the Nativity story a little more. However, the main difference is that the story which unfolds on the wonderfully illustrated pages are through the eyes of a young child named Leah.

Book review of nativity story Leah’s Star on

Leah witnesses a series of interesting events as her father in is the innkeeper. He is having a rather busy night and that includes finding space for a woman expecting her baby in his stable.

Book review of picture book Leah’s Star on

The story is true to the gospel accounts but it sensitively weaves in what Leah observes, conversations she engages in and includes how she is feeling, including when she’s a little shy to meet the special baby that is named Jesus.

The book is presented brilliantly and may well encourage some art projects as Karin Littlewood’s watercolour paintings evoke so many different emotions.

A traditional story but told so well with young eyes.

Follow The Star by Andy Mansfield

This is an absolute delight of a pop up book.

Andy Mansfield has created a rather special read which many readers will be mesmerised by. Perhaps not a book for the youngest of readers to handle themselves though. The pop ups are so intricate and beautiful.

Readers are able to follow a star in this simply told story. It describes the star shining in Bethlehem many years ago and how it remains shining today while we strive for peace, celebrate family time and exchange gifts.

It would be a gorgeous book to gift and equally a lovely one to enjoy whilst having cosy reading time. Each spread is just a joy.

Such a beautifully presented read with absolutely brilliant pop ups.

The Little Fir Tree by Christopher Corr.

The little fir tree book review on

Based on Hans Christian Andersen’s classic story, this tale is a cautionary one about living in the moment. Ending slightly different to the original, readers will meet a fir tree that is longing for an adventure.

Book review of the little fir tree on

The trees dreams come true when someone chooses the tree to be decorated in their grand home. However, with the festive season only being for a short while, the once decorated tree has fulfilled its famalies needs and is taken away to be stored in the shed. What will come of it now?

The little fir tree book review on

What follows is a little magical, touching on a little upcycling where the children from the family give the tree a new lease of life.

Complete with Christoper Corr’s signature style of colourful, folk style like illustrations this is a book that highlights enjoying the moment as you make memories to come.

Mimi and the Mountain Dragon by Michael Morpurgo and illustrated by Helen Stephens.

Mimi and the mountain dragon picture book review on

We are huge fans of Helen Stephens work in our home and this book is brimming with wonderful illustrations amongst the talented writing of Michael Morpurgo. This is the first book I’ve shared with my girls by this author and my eldest in particular thought it was magical.

The story was inspired by an authors visit to Switzerland featuring a young, brave, kindhearted girl named Mimi. She finds a rather adorable young dragon in a woodshed and is determined to reunite it with its family.

Mimi and the mountain dragon on

Up in the mountains she is aware that there is a fearsome dragon that lives there but all the residents in the village below fear this dragon, including her father. However, Mimi is brave and such worries of other residents doesn’t deter Mimi in helping the little dragon but she understands she will have to try and help the dragon secretly. She waits until all the village are at church service for Christmas Day before she ventures alone with the young dragon.

Once reunited a disaster in the village occurs. They all suppose it’s the dragon that’s caused such chaos, but what is it?

The picture book is longer in length and I would recommend it for children 6 and up however, it makes for a lovely read aloud, perhaps a few pages at a time as I have read it to my girls. We are also rather excited to discover that there is an animation based on this story airing on the BBC UK.

The Crayons’ Christmas by Drew Daywalt and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers.

The crayons Christmas book review on

Dream team Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers have created a super, fun, interactive festive read. Based on their crayon friends who are part of a series of stories, giving crayons a voice, this is an engaging and entertaining book. The Crayons’ Christmas includes humour for elders and plenty of fun for younger ones that contains letters and packages to open.

The Crayons’ Christmas book review on

As Duncan and his crayon friends unite, embracing in snowy days and festive fun, readers are shown all the mail that comes for the different crayons. From letters containing maps, postcards and recipes (which are gluten free) the pockets contain many activities, encouraging lots of play using things that are enclosed.

The crayons’ Christmas book review on blog

This book would be a fab one to complete with your little ones. Publishers Harper Collins are also doing a giveaway that includes this book. Head to The Crayons’ Christmas giveaway for more details.

Disclaimer: I was gifted some of these books from publishers as well as some being sent for the purpose of review. All words and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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