Fun and inclusive early chapter books for children.

Welcome to my latest blog piece which is dedicated to early chapter books. My eldest is now 5 and as she is becoming more independent with her reading we have been enjoying chapter books together. There are some great chapter books out there and this piece explores inclusive, interesting reads which would be a great addition to many a library.

Here Comes Lolo and Hooray for Lolo by Niki Dale.


Lolo is  a young girl living in South Africa with her mother and grandmother. She is a fun, likeable character and my eldest daughter has really enjoyed meeting her. In both books short chapters of significant events that are happening in Lolo’s life are told in an engaging and fun way complete with black and white illustrations.

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In Here Comes Lolo stories include Lolo excitedly receiving a gold star in school. She is super happy and cannot wait to show her family but soon realises that the star has fallen off. Will she find the star?

In Hooray For Lolo stories include Lolo going to hospital and joining the library. It seems that Lolo has great taste and a book she borrows proves a popular pick by the whole community.

Lolo is thoughtful and caring and she is very good at considering the feelings of others. Each book would be wonderful picks for a learning setting, encouraging conversations about emotions and friendships. The books would be great for young readers 5 and upwards, who are becoming more independent at reading and would like to make the transition from picture books to chapter books. Great reads.

Cyborg Cat by Ade Adepitan and illustrated by Carl Pearce.

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Ade Adepitan is a Paralympian wheelchair basketball star and also an author of inclusive chapter books illustrated by Carl Pearce. Cyborg Cat and the Night Spider is not his first chapter book but it is Adepitan’s more recent book, published last month in October. I was new to the work of Ade Adepitan but his work has not disappointed.

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The main character in this book, also called Ade is a young boy who has a real passion for football. He is amazing in goal and is an inspiration to many as he has to wear a heavy metal calipher on his leg. Due to his brilliant talent at football and superb saving skills, his friends nickname him Cyborg Cat. However, Cyborg Cat experiences difficulties in the story due to an artist’s work. The art seems to have profound affects on Ade and gradually lots of things seem to happen, including Ade not being allowed to attend a school trip.

Adepitan’s writing is energetic and the black and white illustrations really bring the story to life. The book is full of positivity and is honest about the main characters experience of living with a disability. This would be a great read for children 6 years and up and a super one for shared reading time. Also, profits from the book will be donated to UK charity Children in Need.

The Questioneers Ada Twist and the Perilous Pantaloons by Andrea Beaty and illustrations by David Roberts.

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Like many of you, we love the picture book series where Ada and her friends Iggy and Rosie delight us with their questions and curiosities. Now there are chapter books available and Ada Twist and the Perilous Pantaloons is the second in the series. Ada is a brilliant diverse character.

Throughout the story readers are introduced to scientific concepts and author Andrea Beaty does a brilliant job at weaving scientific facts into the storyline simply for its young targeted audience. The book is a wonderful example of STEM fun.

The encouragement of being a creative problem solver is a great one and it’s wonderful that amongst all the illustrations readers are also able to see Ada’s notes which she jots down in her notebook.

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As Ada goes outdoors to complete her task for the Great Backyard Bird Count challenge what does she see floating by? Well that would be Rosie’s Uncle who is wearing a pair of helium pantaloons. He needs to get down, can they help him?

With ideas a plenty, genuine friendships and the idea of an Uncle floating in helium filled pantaloons, this chapter book is a hoot! David Roberts accompanying illustrations are brilliant, not only bringing the story to life but also capturing tender, emotional moments throughout the story. Absolutely brilliant.

Two Sides by Polly Ho-Yen and illustrated by Binny Talib

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I adore the cover of this book and my girls and I were thrilled when we found a copy in our local library. Unlike the other chapter books shared in this piece, this book includes coloured illustrations.

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The book brilliantly explores a special friendship between two girls named Lula and Lenka. As close as they are, they are very different and the book wonderfully explores how complex and fragile friendships can be.  The girls have a falling out due to Lula forgetting Lenka’s pencil case. Lula is disappointed that her dear friend couldn’t have remembered to bring something much needed during a school day. Will they ever make up?

Complete with colourfully, captivating illustrations, I think this book is super. The book explores friendship brilliantly and highlights the importance of empathy and there being two sides to every story. A great book which I recommend for 5 years old and up.

It has been wonderful to read some brilliant chapter books in fact I am currently reading more so do keep a look out as this piece will be updated. Bye bye for now.

Disclaimer: Some of the books included in this piece were received from publishers however, all words and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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