Book review: The Garden Of Hope by Isabel Otter and illustrated by Katie Rewse.

The Garden Of Hope is such a moving read simply told for young readers and I think there should be a copy (or two) in every library.

The Garden Of Hope

The story is based around a young girl called Maya and her dad. Readers learn that Maya’s mother is no longer around however, the circumstances surrounding this aren’t discussed leaving room for interpretation.

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Maya has moments of sadness due to her mum not being at home and can feel anxious at times but with the support of her dad things gradually change. Maya’s dad makes time to listen and in a heartfelt discussion shares with Maya that when her mum had similar, unhappy feelings to Maya she would do some gardening and plant some seeds.

The garden of hope book review on blog

Maya does exactly that and her once neglected garden, well it becomes a place of beauty. Gardening provides a way for Maya to be distracted but also it’s a place of hope. Her emotions gradually transform, just as the garden does, but just like the seeds requiring various elements to flourish, Maya needs time, love and the garden gives her great moments of mindfulness.

Book review on The Garden Of Hope on blog

The book is such a beautiful read with diverse gentle illustrations and the art work of the garden blooming are so so lovely.

It can be so difficult to explore the themes included in this book with young children but just as it did with my girls, it may certainly encourage lots of discussion around what can be tricky topics.

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publishers in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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