Book review: The Old Man of the sea by by Stella Elia and illustrated by Weberson Santiago

Welcome to my latest blog post. Lantana Publishing are due to publish The Old Man of the Sea on the 29th August and in the US/Canada on 2nd September. I had the pleasure of being invited on their Instagram bookstagram tour but was keen to share on my blog too.

The old man of the sea book review

Sundays are a special day in this book as a grandson gets to spend time with his grandfather. Sometimes the time spent together is in silence and other times full of talk.

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Grandpa was once an avid traveller and we discover his colourful tales in this read.

This keen sailor has travelled to Europe, Africa, Asia and more and describes the lines on his skin as stories of his life. The stories include details and glimpses of what life was like in each place explored. Readers are informed that in Africa he “climbed sand dunes.” In Asia he “ate spices that burned their tongues” and in America well he “found true love” and married.

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As well as sharing about his experiences of each destination there is an appreciation of the journey, the surroundings and the time it takes to get to each place. On observing the entire horizon the grandfather admits “He felt an immense peace.” The grandson isn’t sure whether all the stories are factual, did grandfather really get saved by a mermaid when he got thrown into the water? I guess we will never know but gripping stories they are.

This is a colourful, precious story of fond travelling memories.

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publishers in exchange for an honest review as part of their bookstagram tour. All words and opinions are my own.

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