Book review: Hello Lighthouse by Sophie Blackall

Hello Lighthouse truly is an incredible book. My girls and I are absolutely captivated by the fantastic illustrations and insight the book gives into the life of a lighthouse keeper.

Hello Lighthouse front cover

Sophie Blackall has created a wonderful read that informs readers of how lighthouses used to be run manually. It also touches on the change of seasons and the dramatic changes of weather the lighthouse witnesses.

Extract from Hello Lighthouse

As a family we haven’t talked about a lighthouse in so much detail until we had shared this book.

Weather changes represented in Hello Lighthouse picturebook.

Readers are introduced to a young man who is the keeper of the lighthouse. His meticulous care of the lens of the lighthouse meant that ships at sea were protected. We learn that it is also a lonely life with lack of interaction, unless a family is living with them and the dependency on a supply ship called a tender bringing necessities such as groceries and post.

Interiors of lighthouse in Hello Lighthouse.

The uniquely shaped home the lighthouse forms is a delight to observe in the book. Sophie Blackall shares at the end of the book that it was in fact an old print showing a cutaway of the interior of a lighthouse that inspired the research undertaken which then formed the inspiration for this book.

Lighthouse keepers really did devote their lives to their jobs and this is represented well in the story. The book shares many changes which affect the role of the lighthouse keeper, personally and professionally. The ending of the book is so emotive and highlights the biggest change of all.

Hello Lighthouse cover shot in natural habitat

If you are yet to read this book I would highly recommend it.

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publishers, thank you, I absolutely love it. All words and opinions are entirely my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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