Book review: In Blossom by Yooju Chevon.


Spring blossom art work with book In Blossom

Seoul born Yooju Cheon has written and illustrated a calming read celebrating friendship and spring blossom. My youngest and I have been enjoying In Blossomand completed some art work to welcome spring.

During spring Korea draws many visitors from across the globe to enjoy their pretty, picturesque cherry blossom. In fact there are festivals to mark this joyous season and all its wonder. Yooju Cheon has so beautifully captured the blossom through out this read. She explains that, “Once spring blossom comes, I don’t want to do anything but watch blossom all day long.”

The characters you meet in the book are Cat and Dog who form a friendship as a result of blossom falling from the tree.

Cat and Dog on bench in the book In Blossom

Cat finds a perfect spot for her picnic. She is in a happy mood and while she sings to herself we meet Dog. Dog just like Cat thinks it’s a fine day and for him a perfect one to read outdoors. Cat’s picnic has taken lots of space on the bench but through a polite exchange Cat moves some of her things, making space for Dog.

Extract from In the Blossom

Whilst the two of them enjoy their time outdoors, readers are able to soak in the brilliant art work set against a white background. The consistent selective colours make the blossom a beautiful focal point, as if we the readers are outside enjoying the view also. There is no denying that the storyline is simple however, I appreciate the simplicity as readers as young as toddlers can enjoy the story. The book is also a lovely pick for readers who may find brighter colours and heavy text overwhelming.

I think Yooju Cheon’s choice of characters make this a very fun read and what a cultured pair they are. Cat and Dog form an unlikely friendship and it is lovely that nature brought them together.

It was lovely to be introduced to a new author and illustrator.


Disclaimer: Thank you to the publishers for gifting me this book. All words and opinions shared are entirely my own. This post contains affiliate links.


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    1. Yes! I completely understand what you mean. It is truly a calming reading and the small amount of text seems to encourage so many comments from my girls.

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