Book review: Hats of Faith by Medeia Cohan and illustrated by Sarah Walsh

Front cover photo of board book Hats of Faith.

This colourful, bright board book is a celebration of individuals from all around the world and their head coverings. Publishers Shade 7 aim to teach children about religion through fun and creative ways. Written by Medeia Cohan and illustrated by Sarah Walsh, this book is a simple, inviting introduction to some faiths shared custom of head covering. The book includes 12 examples of head coverings from hijabs, worn by some Muslim women to kippahs, worn by some Jewish men.

Each page is dedicated to a head covering with useful phonetic pronunciation. The artwork throughout is striking and I adore the use of colours by Sarah Walsh.

Extract from board book Hats of Faith sharing Jewish custom.

The book is a great read for babies and up with its interesting art work of different people, something babies very much enjoy. The sturdy board book format also makes it a great book to handle for younger readers.

Page from Hats of Faith book showing head wrap worn.

The book would be a great introductory text on religion and is sure to encourage many a conversation. I appreciate that some may have liked more information about each head covering, even if that was in the form of notes at the back of the book however, this book is a great starting point and perhaps will encourage research. Also, I would recommend having a conversation around the word hats. Many of the head coverings described are actually ones that need to stay on whilst out in public, for religious reasons. Therefore, they can’t be removed. However, the exposure of these is fantastic and it’s important that all children can see themselves in books. AND on the Hats of Faith website there is a toolkit to download which provides more information, colouring sheets and more.

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Disclaimer: This book was purchased by me.

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