Book review: Franklin’s Flying Bookshop by Jen Campbell and illustrated by Katie Harnett.

Happy World Book Day! On our last visit to our local library we came home with a stack of books including Jen Campbell and Katie Harnett’s book, Franklin’s Flying Bookshop. We first came across the book at my friends house but we didn’t have enough time to devour each page but thanks to our library visit this changed things.

Cover of Franklin’s Flying Bookshop

My girls (4 and 2) absolutely love the story. The book is based on Franklin, a dragon who has a real passion for books. He lives in a cave which is full of all sorts of books and along the way he learns a great many things from all his reading.

An insight into Franklin the dragons home.

He gets so much enjoyment out of reading and he really wants to share his love of books with others. However, people can’t seem to see past him being a dragon. They instantly get scared when approached by him but actually what they don’t realise is that he is a rather gentle soul.

Franklin’s Flying Bookshop One day Franklin meets a young girl named Luna and everything changes. Luna too enjoys reading, infact when she first meets Franklin she is reading about a dragon. She isn’t scared of Franklin she is fascinated by him. Their love for books unites them and together they make a bookshop. One which is on Franklin’s back!

Extract from Franklin’s Flying Bookshop

Luna makes people realise that Franklin, as large and dragon like he may be, also has feelings and hobbies too. All he wants to do is to be able to read to people and help them and Luna supports Franklin in doing so.

This adorable team was such a delight to read about. The illustrations are so so lovely and capture the bond Franklin and Luna have so well. We can’t wait to find the second book based on Franklin and Luna.

Even though my eldest daughter wasn’t expected to dress up for World Book Day at school we had fun playing dress up at home. My eldest made dragon wings and found things that resembled Franklin and my youngest daughter acted as Luna.

World book day fun based on Franklin’s Flying Bookshop.

This is such a lovely book and if you are yet to read it do see if you can borrow it, just like we did.

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