Book review: A walk through nature by Libby Walden and illustrated by Clover Robin.

This beautiful book caught my eye late last year and you may recall me including it in my post on Forthcoming books for 2019. Now March is here and this book is due to be published this month.

Cover photo of the beautiful book Walk Around Nature.

Written by the wonderful team Libby Walden and illustrated by Clover Robin, this is an absolutely gorgeous read.

The book takes readers on a journey of nature and seasons through poetry, facts and talented art work. Readers can explore peep holes and fold out pages that present more detailed information.

Double page entitled Changing Colour from Book A Walk Through Nature.

Double page from A walk through nature showing fold out page.

The book encourages children to embrace nature and be observant of all the wonderful things that can be found outdoors. There is lots to explore making it a great book to use in a learning setting. As well as the book being a great introduction to nature poetry, introducing readers to interesting vocabulary, the nature filled collaged art work would make a fantastic art project. The book would also be a great book to accompany outdoors.

Extract from A Walk through nature entitles Through The Skies.

Fold out page from A Walk through nature sharing information about birds.

Mini beasts, nest building, seedlings and the ever changing colours of leaves are some of the topics covered. A fabulous book indeed.

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publishers and we absolutely love it. All words and opinions express are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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