Book review: Animated Classics – Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and the Seven Dwards and The Little Mermaid.

This trio of classic animated films have been retold in these beautifully presented cloth bound books. The books are published by Studio Press with text adapted by Lily Murray and the beautiful cover illustrations completed by Chellie Carroll.

Each book is full of sketches, paintings and concept art all from the original Disney Studio artists. The books are a longer length read, each book being around 70 pages long. They would be ideal for children who are listening to chapter reads being read aloud at bedtime, perhaps where a few pages are shared each night or I would recommend the books for children who are 7 years and up.

What’s also rather special at the end of each book you are presented with information about the wonderful artists who worked to create these classic films. It gives readers a real insight into each film and highlights how these books are a celebration not only of Disney films but also the work of talented individuals who make such films happen. It’s a great way of children understanding the art of animation and the process it takes.

If you happen to know a big or little kid who is a Disney fan, I’m sure you’ll agree, these books would make a fabulous gift and what a wonderful keepsake.

You’ll be pleased to know that The Little Mermaid has joined its book sisters and is now available to buy. There are also others in the series too.

Disclaimer: I received these books from the publishers however, all words and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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