Book review: The Colour of Happy by Laura Baker and illustrated by Angie Rozelaar.

Welcome to my latest blog post which is all about a recent publication, The Colour of Happy. Written by Laura Baker and illustrated by Angie Rozelaar, this book is a brilliant read that will get its readers talking about emotions.

The Colour of HappyYou will know from previous blog posts I have done that educating children about mindfulness is crucial. Using books to support children with the big topic of emotions can be a brilliant resource. Sharing a story together allows children to be in another persons shoes. It can be something that adult and child can refer back to and it further explores language which can support children in expressing themselves.

The Colour Of Happy covers many aspects surrounding mindfulness, including the name of emotions and language to help children to discuss how they feel. It also explores colours and how they can represent a feeling.


The story is based around a young boy who finds a present for his mum whist on a walk. He is super excited to see his mum but before he gets home lots of things seem to happen which changes the way the young boy feels each time. From feeling angry because the dandelion he wants to gift blows away to feeling thankful for kind friends nearby.


Laura Baker explores a rainbow of emotions using rhyming text which is brilliant for its young readers and makes for a lovely read aloud. Angie Rozelaar’s fantastic illustrations compliement the text so well. The art work through out is utterly adorable and the expressive faces of the young boy represent each emotion realistically.


This read would be a brilliant one to have in a learning setting as well as at home. I also appreciate that the main character is a boy as regardless of your gender we all share feelings.

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The book is available to buy from Amazon-click on the image below for further details.

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publishers. All words and opinion are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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