Book review: Rusty the squeaky Robot by Neil Clark.

Rusty The Squeaky Robot is our latest library find that we absolutely love. Rusty is a great character who is open about his feelings and soon learns that it’s ok to be unique and to embrace your individuality.

Neil Clark has done a fantastic job at skillfully writing a book that is a fine example of read aloud goodness. From rhythmic stanzas to onomatopoeic fun, this book is delightful.


Rusty is a friendly robot who expresses that he is feeling sad as he sounds a little different. He is squeaky and he doesn’t like it but his friends are on hand to show him that they each have their own unique sounds. Belle’s sound is ding, Hoot’s sound is honk and Boom-Bot is loud and his sound is boom boom boom!


Their sounds combined together make wonderful music and Rusty realises that actually his “…sound makes me special.”


The book is made even more appealing with it’s colourful illustrations alongside the fantastic text. The message is great for young and older. Rusty shares his emotions openly, he talks about his feelings because that is ok. Added to that he shares with his readers that we all have our little quirky elements that make us who we are and we should celebrate that because it’s super to be different.

This would be a great book to use in a learning setting and is now on our wish list.

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