Book review: Maybe the Moon by Frances Ives.

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Publishers Buster Books have begun a new venture into fiction books for young readers and Maybe the Moon is the first to be published.

I am delighted to be starting the blog tour for this picture book which is author and illustrator Frances Ives, debut picture book.

Maybe the Moon

It is always such a treat to receive books in the post from publishers, authors and illustrators. On this occasion my girls, particularly my eldest who is 4 was beaming when this book arrived as the read was accompanied by moon friendship bracelets, which you can see pictured on her little wrist. My daughter finds the moon fascinating and as the lunar calendar is followed in Islam she was so intrigued by this gorgeous book. The cover alone has us guessing what the book could be about (I already had a heads up) and the friendship bracelet gave us a clue, but we all agreed that the cover was just so pretty and my youngest daughter couldn’t resist touching the shiny foil finish moon.


The read is based around a young boy named Eric. Readers are informed that he lives with his mother in the forest which Eric absolutely adores. Eric is very comfortable outdoors and with animals and he feels like “the happiest boy in the world.”

Eric’s mother is the only carer that is mentioned in the book. It is never explained why this is so but opens a conversation about the make up of families and is great for children from single parent families being able to identify with Eric as we should all be represented in children’s literature.


At night Eric enjoys looking up at the moon and takes great comfort in knowing that the moon is not only shining on him but on his dear friends also.

When winter arrives Eric and his mother move to the city, which is described as a “long journey.” As a reader you witness the illustrations beginning to change. at first a peek of the city is shown and then you arrive at this page.


The colour, the details, the tone, such a brilliant double page illustration, representative of a busy city but also so hugely different to what Eric was used to. Naturally, coming from countryside life, Eric is not used to the busy city life. The moon he so loves, looks different to him now. He misses his forest life and is uncertain about the moon shining over the friends he loves, stating “Maybe the moon…”

Change can be so hard but over time Eric begins to enjoy his time in the city. He makes  friends and he teaches things he knows to others, including planting a garden. His soul is a forest child and in the city he creates a new community and soon gets used to the moon amongst the sky high buildings and grey tones. His move to the city is temporary though and with it Eric has been able to experience something different. He is delighted when he returns to the forest and has much to share with his friends. Though the move may have been daunting at first Eric has come to realise that the moon will shine wherever we may be and he takes great comfort from that.

Frances Ives has created a book that will encourage much discussion amongst young readers. The simple storyline is complimented by the stunning art and Eric’s rhyming words will be remembered. As life can present change his words are true in that we are never alone and  “…we are all joined together by the light in the dark.” I am so happy to have been introduced to Frances Ives debut picture book.

The blog tour for Maybe the Moon continues all this week. It includes a great mix of super book bloggers who you should be sure to check out. I am sure you will also be pleased to know that Maybe the Moon will be published on the 20th September. Not long now lovelies.

Blog Tour

Thank you so much to Buster Books for inviting me on the blog tour and thank you for sending us a copy of the book to review alongside the sweet friendship bracelets,


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