Bookish and More: Fun with Maths. Board books and cards on number shape.

Welcome to another Bookish and More post. This post is all about introducing young readers to mathematical language.

There are many great books that introduce children to mathematical concepts but the following books are recently published and ones my girls and I think are super.

How Many Bugs? By Agnese Baruzzi

How Many Bugs?

This brightly coloured board book is a fantastic introduction to counting down from the number 10. The book features different animals who are rather hungry eating up all the bugs. Readers will meet grasshoppers, a chameleon a frog and more. The book includes peek through pages for little hands to explore and makes this board book a lovely interactive read.


Numbers by Jane Cabrera


Numbers is the most sweetly illustrated book. Jane Cabrera has creating such an inviting board book for young readers with plenty of lift the flap fun. My 1 year old adores this book.

Different animal scenes are shared with a caption to go with it, which is often an example of onomatopoeia. When the child lifts the flap they discover animals hiding to represent the number stated. This would make such a lovely gift.


ABC Shapes illustrated by Ingela P Arrhenius.

ABC Shapes

We are big fans  of the illustrator Ingela Arrhenius and this board book is full of scrumptious art work. Show young readers that there are shapes beyond squares and circles and introduce them to quatrefoils, reuleaux triangles and more. Some of the shapes included in the book are ones had seen before but not known the name of, so my girls and I have been learning together.

The board book is full of colour and as the title of the book suggests the shapes are in alphabetical order which adds another aspect of learning to the read.


Arty Mouse: Arty Number flash cards.


These are the most adorable flash cards. They would be great for on the go learning fun with colourful illustrations on each double sided card. As well as using them as cards to learn from and incorporate within play, they can also be written on and the pen and cloth is provided. Hooray. These flashcards are great for both my 1 and 3 year old. They introduce number recognition but also look at the quantity of each number and number formation.

 Four great resources to encourage lots of discussion around number and shapes. A brilliant mix of fun, colourful resources that would be great to use at home and in a learning setting. Join me again soon for the next Bookish and More post.


Dislaimer: All books and flash cards were received from the publishers and as always all opinions and thoughts are my own.

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